“Completely Changed My Life For The Better.”

By: Joe Crisara

“Life Changing…”

“Every so often, someone comes along and completely changes your life for the better origin ea. For me Joe Crisara is that person.

I attended a Total Immersion Sales Summit that he was teaching and to say the least it immediately changed my results the week following the meeting herunterladen. Joe teaches you how to listen and be a student of the customer so that you have the ability to create solutions that completely differentiate you from your competition last christmas herunterladen kostenlos.

Here I thought I was going to sales training to here the usual “blah, blah, blah” type sales trainer. Instead I came back with a life changing experience and much easier way to sell that completely recharged my batteries wordpress database.

The best way to describe what Joe does is to think about how even the greatest athletes in the world have their own personal coach. Joe has been on the ground as a service tech and sales person in the service contracting industry for years so he knows all the challenges we face day-in-day-out. He not only helps you overcome these obstacles but makes sure that you bring them all up so he can help you.

As another bonus for attending his training I have found a new best friend for life. He and I continue to talk on a weekly basis as I can’t wait to share my latest success story about how I made another customer of mine very happy.

To say I like Joe and this material would be a HUGE understatement. My family and I LOVE Joe for what he has done to give my life back to me. Please have anyone contact me so I can tell me complete story. Thanks Joe.”

Rick Picard ($5 Million Dollar Residential HVAC Salesperson)
Gem Plumbing
Providence, RI