You Can’t Cutback Your Way To Success

By: Joe Crisara

You Can't Cutback Your Way To Success

Your Personal Economy

One of the earmarks of a great service professional is that they refuse to participate in a bad economy.  They know that one thing for sure is that the economy always improves whenever a good service or sales person shows up at the door herunterladen.

The same is true of your personal economy linux betriebssystem 64 bit download deutsch kostenlos. It always gets better when we create better results. Yes there are stories of carnage in the contracting industry with record numbers of businesses failing snes mini games. But there is one thing to remember. This truth is undeniable. That truth is that a sale is never lost. It just goes to your competitor.

Because of this truth, ironically there are a few contractors who have grown enormously when they grab this seemingly “lost” sale download volbeat albums for free. That’s right. When you lose an opportunity to capture a customer, you not only lose the customer, the revenue and the profit but you also fuel your competitor by giving them the opportunity to gain from your loss.  They get the revenue, profit and the long term relationship with your potential client.  A relationship that if managed correctly can result in between $30,000 to $75,000 in opportunity over the next 5 to 7 years tomtom routes downloaden.

Can’t “Cutback” Your Way To Success

With this much at stake, you would think that the average contractor would be scouring the globe looking for a way to at the very least, know how to sell more on each opportunity. But alas, if you thought this you would as disappointed as I am to say what I am about to tell you right now. The plain truth is that most contractors who are faced with a tough economy, implode and “cutback” on their staff and their services instead of taking advantage of the weaker competition, or as I like to call them, “the herd.”

In the history of successful companies, there has never been anyone who has increased their service, their market share and their profit by cutting back. Each employee represents a profit center that businesses must hold accountable for a result. So if you are cutting back in profit centers, you are then cutting back on profit. You simply can’t save or cutback your way to success.

Who’s Getting Rich?

There are many stories of success in the midst of this dark and depressing economy. In fact, those that are succeeding are hoping the bad economy will last so that the limited amount or opportunity will put their competition out of their misery. Each week I hear story after story about contractors who have never made so much profit. What is the common thread that runs through all of their stories?

I have taken the liberty to share this with you…

They Capture Customers – These contractors have a “zero-tolerance” policy to lose opportunities. When an employee makes a decision to solve problems, they are determined to not leave until it is brought to a conclusion.

They Eliminate Competitors – They find out how other contractors have failed, essentially finding out what NOT to do on each call BEFORE they give a solution.

They Diagnose Whole Systems – Great service is not just doing repairs one-at-a-time. Offer options to RENOVATE the whole system as well just a band-aid. They give options not ultimatums.

They Create Bundles & Packages – They differentiate their services by offering and bundling more of them. They make it very easy for customers to purchase more premium options because they are not afraid to offer them.

Once you know how to sell to your customer everything will change for you and your company. Your economy will certainly improve. Your average call will increase to over 3 to 5 times of the average contractor. You will have happier customers who are buying more premium options. NOTE: You will not be selling the same thing you are now at higher prices, instead you will be selling services warrantu and renovations that you currently DO NOT sell right now for more.

Here’s an idea. Instead of cutting back or waiting to long, why not invest in yourself. Do you believe in yourself enough to do that? If you do, your family, your company and everyone you know will be glad you did.

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