Extra Mile: 500 Customer Service Tips

By: Julie Crisara

“The most persuasive thing any [rep] can do is put the information out there,” said Joe Crisara, CEO of ContractorSelling.com in an interview with Field Service Digital. “The only influence you should have is by offering the solutions and maintaining your neutrality so the customers don’t feel like you’re trying to push something. You lose credibility by recommending the top option; and if you recommend the bottom one, you insult people.” Read the full e-book here: https://books.google.com/books?id=u8VtCQAAQBAJ&pg=PT277&lpg=PT277&dq=joe+crisara&source=bl&ots=XVxVj06ucC&sig=q-hGGJPkbQxk63Mr-2k3UQPJt4Y&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CEcQ6AEwCDgoahUKEwik_Y2b1ZzIAhWSpIgKHbLJBh8#v=onepage&q=joe%20crisara&f=false