It Doesn’t Cost Anything To Listen

By: Joe Crisara

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It Doesn’t Cost Anything To Listen

I love this video of world famous entrepreneur Richard Branson because it illustrates a principle so simple yet so elusive to most business owners in the service contracting industry powerpoint vorlagen 2010 download kostenlos. The principle is the ability to listen to the ideas of others rather than making assumptions that you think you may already know everything you need to about being successful Download omsi 2 full version for free. Watch the video and contemplate your ability to listen to your employees, customers or others who may give you some clues to be more successful.

One thought on “It Doesn’t Cost Anything To Listen

  1. I hope if dogs ever take over the world and they choose a king, they don’t just go by size, because I’ll bet there are many Chihuahuas with some pretty good ideas.

    As a service contractor are you listening to your Chihuahuas?

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