5 Ways New Technology Can Make Your Business More Profitable

By: Joe Crisara


I have a question for you, and I want you to answer it honestly.

Are you a technology caveman?

And by that I mean are you one of those people who doesn’t really use technology in your business – and if you do it’s super behind-the-times technology?

Here’s how you can tell if I’m describing you or not…

Have you ever wondered who keeps getting on your computer and changing the Google logo every day neueste version von whatsapp herunterladen?

Have you ever printed out an email to read or share it?

Do you think “tracking cookies” has something to do with figuring out who ate all the Oreos?

Have you ever wondered whether or not “they” deliver emails on Sundays?

Have you ever used the phrases, “THE Google” or “THE Facebook?”

If so, you might be are a technology caveman.

Ok, so I was having a little fun with you there. Maybe you haven’t actually done those exact things tutu app download ios kostenlos.

But if you’re using old out-of-date technology in your contracting business, you need to know you’re missing a huge opportunity to make your business more profitable.

Don’t worry too much, though. In this industry, you aren’t alone. A lot of our brethren in the contracting business are in the same boat.

For many years in this industry, we did things the manual way. Pencils and pens, post-it notes… and if we were feeling particularly fancy… pagers windows 10 update einzeln herunterladen.

And we did just fine doing things that way, didn’t we?

But here’s the thing: Those days are gone.

Today, if you hope to succeed and thrive in this business, you’re going to need to learn to embrace the latest technology to keep up with (and pull ahead of) your competitors.

5 Ways New Technology Can Boost Your Business

You can bet your bottom dollar that if you’re unwilling to embrace technology to grow your business, your competitors will.

Today, we use sophisticated software to run call centers, manage our customer relations, dispatch our techs, run our billing, track our finances, and communicate with the field.

The pagers have gone the way of the Dodo bird, being replaced with modern, more efficient apps.

There are dozens of ways that new technology can benefit your business, make your job easier, and beef up your bottom line. I’ve found that most of these benefits fall under 5 major categories.

1. Time Saving and Efficiency Boosting
When you embrace the latest technology, your entire team becomes more efficient. They’re able to communicate more easily and pass on information faster and more accurately.

When you properly implement the right technology in your company, it translates to more time in front of your customer instead of time spent tripping through clunky, unorganized paper notes and files. And more customer face time means more revenue for your business.

2. Higher Customer Confidence
With the new technology available to you today, you’re able to enhance your customer’s experience as well. Being able to use a smartphone or tablet app in your client’s home to show estimates builds credibility and confidence.

Using a professional tool helps them feel more secure in dealing with your techs and your company. Your customer will be able to more easily (and legibly) see and understand exactly what services their technicians are performing and better understand the price estimates they’re presented with.

3. Reduced Liability
Using the newest technology in the field assures that you’re using equal pricing for everyone. When everyone in the field is using the same technology, it standardizes important parts of your operations – like pricing. And when you reduce the possibility of pricing inconsistencies, you also reduce your exposure to liability.

4. Company Transparency
Any of the new technology out there today (that’s worth its salt) allows managers to track their technicians and salespeople in real-time so they can see what’s happening in the field. Knowing where your techs are, how long they’ve been on a call, and how they manage their time allows managers to have a better picture of what’s really happening out there – which leads right into #5…

5. Opportunities for Better Coaching
In addition to being able to track employees in the field, today’s technology that has video and audio capabilities allows managers to see, hear, and even intervene if needed in real-time. Technology gives the manager many more (and better) opportunities to provide tips on improvement, to reinforce what’s going well in the field, and ensure that the job is done correctly.

Embracing Change and Improvement

I know technology can seem intimidating. I understand that change is difficult for a lot of people.

But if you love your business and have big dreams of building it into a profitable dynasty, you HAVE TO change and accept that the newest technology is no longer an option.

It’s a requirement.

As Ben Franklin once said…

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished!”


It’s interesting that such an old quote could be so spot-on in 2016, isn’t it?

But it’s true. You need to embrace the latest technology… because old technology is nearly as clunky as pens and post-it notes!

So how do you get started? What’s the best way to start integrating the latest technology into your contracting business so you can enjoy all these excellent organizational and financial benefits?

I’m glad you asked!

Contractor Selling’s Total Technology Solution

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