Service CSI: Who Killed Our Callback Rate?

By: Joe Crisara

Callbacks Are Costly

Callbacks are costly. Each time we go to a customer homes it can cost as much as $250 or more.  In a recent discussion on Linkedin, John Whitney Jr online filme kostenlos deutsch download. said, “Field service techs want the right tools and a minimum of distractions. Managers want constant contact, on-the-fly updates, and solid record-keeping. IT/ tech guys want cool new toys and the latest apps. The company wants to get the job done with one visit. And of course, the customer wants the work done correctly and in a timely fashion bubble shooter 3 download for free. Sometimes, these goals all work together. But sometimes they don’t. What can we do to improve this situation?”

John also goes on to cite credible studies that show that callback rates have climbed. In some service businesses as high as 42% of the calls need and average of 1.5 additional visits to bring the service job to a conclusion instead of repairing the problem thoroughly on the first visit herunterladen.

The Advantage Today’s Techs Enjoy

With all the advance diagnostic training and tools in the hvac, plumbing and electrical service industry, we all know that techs have the knowledge to do the job right the first time. Also most dispatchers know who the right guy to send to get this work done. So the question is, “Why do callbacks still haunt the plumbing, hvac and electrical service professional?”

Here is the answer that nobody considers… The customer influences you to fail

Get ‘er Done Cheap

That’s right, the customer by the nature of communicating to the tech that they only want the one problem fixed because of a limited budget has essentially told the tech to get this done as cheap as possible download movies on mobile. So the “good” tech tries to show his empathy to this challenge by doing the work as cheaply as possible which also means to cut corners. Thus, the callback is generated and the unhappy customer blames you and your tech to get the second or third call for free. Congratulations, you have been set up by the “sophisticated” customer.

Quality Has It’s Price

Now we know there are also techs that get NO callbacks. These are the strong willed techs who although are great with people, REFUSE to do the job wrong regardless of the pricing issues. These techs wills diagnose the whole SYSTEM and not just the immediate problem. Unfortunately, this tech who is determined to fix the whole system will then get turned down more often by the dysfunctional customer who can’t believe the cost to correct the age, neglect, design and installation issues as well as the problem.

Options, Not Ultimatums

So what is the solution? The answer is in providing options and prices to every customer to give them a choice for doing the job the best, most all-inclusive way, the mid-range way and also the basic single fix only way. Let them make their choice of how they want this fixed either permanently or just for time being. The customer then assumes responsibility for their choice..

The best way is RENOVATE the whole system not just the problem. Naturally this way cost more but also includes more warranty and service. The mid-range way is to renovate just the part of the system that is in question. Basically a partial renovation of the part of the system in question. This of course will have less warranty. The basic way addresses only the immediate issue and nothing else. (the way that is most likely to generate a callback) This way you can give very little or no warranty.

If we give options and not ultimatums we shift the responsibility for “callbacks” where it belongs, to customer and not us or our techs. I have implemented this in thousands of contracting businesses across the country and the results is taking callback rates from a starting point of 20% to 40% down to 2% to 3%.

I Challenge You

TAKE THE 7 DAY CHALLENGE -> Let me show your techs how to create options like I mentioned above and then we will test what the results are after 7 days of doing what I am saying. You must agree to measure how much your callback rates drop and how high your sales and customer satisfaction increase in those 7 days. Then you must agree to report back here to share your results good or bad.

I will do this FREE just to create a study of what I am saying. In my past experiences, you will see decreased callbacks and double the revenue. You will also see every being customer happy because they made their own choice and purchased exactly what they wanted. Remember you can only participate if you agree to measure before and after results in all three categories. Callback, revenue and customer satisfaction. Contact me now… The challenge is on! Call 877-764-6304 and ask for joe Crisara. Tell me you want to take the challenge. Or Click Here to sign up FREE!

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