Stop Losing Jobs To Price Shoppers (the easy way)

By: Joe Crisara

Joe Takes Your Advice

Watch the video below to see how Joe takes your advice and loosens up a bit while he teaches you how to overcome one of the top objections in the field from customers…

“Your prices are high, so I need to shop around.”

You will see a full length presentation from beginning to end with the objection not only once, but two times amazon movies tablet. Joe show you how handle it by doing Pure Motive Service, and so will you once you watch this video dos games for free.

Joeism: “If you can make it happen on accident, you can make it happen on purpose.”

Want to learn a simple and powerful strategy to handle objections without being pushy? 

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2 thoughts on “Stop Losing Jobs To Price Shoppers (the easy way)

  1. What were you talking about with your flat rate pricing? We are on flat rate system but seem to be pricing our selves out of jobs with not a know, site survey fee, as well as trip fee, we have been in business for 30 years and it’s hard to change the men’s mind set on structure and collecting when service is done, not a fair question to you because you do not know us, our overhead as well as our structure. We are electrical contractors and generator contractors with about 1000 esa contracts, equipment service agreements.

    1. Hey Billy, it sounds like you are in the beginning stages of using flat rate. What I am talking about is our Best Ever Flat Rate guide software that allows your guys to offer each clients options when showing clients your price. Call me at 847-833-7912 and I’ll take you for a tour and help you solve those problems. It will be my pleasure to assist you brother.

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