How to Stand Strong with Pushy Customers

BY: Julie Crisara

In the home contracting field, you will experience what I like to to call “service terrorists” herunterladen. Yes, it sounds harsh, but these folks are extremely disgruntled customers- for whatever reason- who can disrupt your day, get in your face, and make experience a temporary loss of self esteem herunterladen.

You don’t have to let this happen, there are ways of maintaining a sense of control and balance during even the most trying and emotionally reactive customer service call geburtstagsvideo whatsapp kostenlos downloaden. Unfortunately, it can be the one bad customer interaction, especially where you feel that you dropped the ball, that you’ll remember and will bother you, after you’ve had 1,000 good ones googel play store herunterladen. That’s why I am presenting to you this list of 7 tools which will aid you greatly in keeping your heading and a sense of control when dealing with highly emotional, angry, out of control customers download rtl app.

Use Pure Listening

Often, as a home contracting professional, we want to jump in and fix the problem before we’ve even heard the customer’s whole speech download veryfitpro. Maybe we assume something about a customer’s issue and jump to a conclusion. Or we decide that they don’t really know what they’re talking about Download myaudi map update. Or, we say to ourselves “I’ve heard this one before.” Let them speak first and listen completely. Have no filters in your listening. Offer no resistance herunterladen. Actively listen but don’t say a word, except the briefest acknowledgment that you’re actually on the line. Let them say everything they want to get off their chest, and then create a time buffer between them speaking and you speaking, so it doesn’t feel like you had your answer anxiously waiting to go download installer os x el capitan.

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Total Immersion 2-Day Advanced Class

BY: Julie Crisara

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Remember, before you can attend the 2-day advanced training you have to be a graduate of the 3-day basic training prior to attending.  You can do this all in one week or by taking the basic training first and then return when you’re ready at anytime in the future download swisscom mycloud photos.

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Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC Student TI Testimonials

BY: Joe Crisara

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Total Immersion students who attended a recent HVAC Plumbing & Electrical sales training summit discuss a range of topics starting with their greatest challenge, their expectations from sales training and what they thought of the training and “Uncle Joe.” In the end, everyone is asked to rate the training on a scale of 1 to 10 winrar herunterladen kostenlos. Watch and enjoy the excitement of these students.

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“Your stuff blows me away…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Found a New Best Friend

“Your stuff just blows me away herunterladen! I thought I hired a consultant and wound up with a new best friend. I am a Nexstar member that thought he had seen everything.

I have gotten more in 30 minutes of conversation with you then I have received in years of business training elsewhere lkw simulator kostenlos herunterladen. The key is your material doesn’t just say what to do, but also HOW to get it done.

Your commitment to doing something as small as picking up the phone when I call you really means the world to me paint shop pro free nederlands. Thank you very much for being a part of our business.”

Kyle Lumsden
Clearview Plumbing
Calgary, Alberta

“Completely Changed My Life For The Better.”

BY: Joe Crisara

“Life Changing…”

“Every so often, someone comes along and completely changes your life for the better origin ea. For me Joe Crisara is that person.

I attended a Total Immersion Sales Summit that he was teaching and to say the least it immediately changed my results the week following the meeting herunterladen. Joe teaches you how to listen and be a student of the customer so that you have the ability to create solutions that completely differentiate you from your competition last christmas herunterladen kostenlos.

Here I thought I was going to sales training to here the usual “blah, blah, blah” type sales trainer. Instead I came back with a life changing experience and much easier way to sell that completely recharged my batteries wordpress database.

The best way to describe what Joe does Continue reading ““Completely Changed My Life For The Better.””

“We Now See Our Business In a Whole New Light…”

BY: Joe Crisara


Pleasure To Run A Business Again

“Since our techs, sales people and I have attended your training it is now a pleasure to run our business streamcloud film downloaden. We now see the challenges of this industry in a whole new light. I am happy to report that moral is up and so is our productivity.

I truly believe now that we give better service than our competitors rather than just talking about being better download video from internet online. Anyone who knows me knows that I have high standards about the service I receive. In your case you not only have met those standards but have exceeded them.”

Kathe Stewart
Precision Air Conditioning
Memphis, TN

“The Big Brother We Never Had…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Consultant Is a Dirty Word

“We call them consultants, and to many it is a dirty word, and one that means spend a lot of money and get little in return ab durch die hecke pc spiel kostenlos downloaden.

Well I and my staff and company just had Joe Crisara of at our company for the last four days and all I can say is incredible herunterladen. “When I met Joe some three weeks ago at one of his seminars, I thought “Boy, I need him to help get my HVAC division making money.” So I booked Joe to come to Boston download ios beta. Mind you I was very scared that my staff would take the attitude that here we go another guy who was going to tell us what we are doing wrong then split wie mms herunterladen. That was far from the case.

Respectful Of Our Staff

Joe was very warm, sensitive, and respectful of all our staff macbook fotoen. He went about getting to know who we were, what we did, how we did it, and then began to share his views. His approach to our problems, needs and what direction we should take and how to begin he was right on target microsoft publisher 2013 kostenlos downloaden. Continue reading ““The Big Brother We Never Had…””

“I Went From a Kick In the Balls To $15,000”

BY: Joe Crisara

Hour of Sales Power Update

“Just to bring you up to date, I am meeting with that homeowner (that I thought was going to result in) “A kick in the balls” and going nowhere, to them signing a $15,000 contract for a new Platinum comfort system ps4 spiel schneller downloaden.

I am on quite a roll since watching you and Rick Picard and your Hour of Sales Power training. My average sale is well over $10,000 which means my customers are getting the premium service that I have always wanted to give them borderlands 3 where to.

Thank you for the personal interaction you have had with me. Your dedication to talking with your members when they need you is a monumental help in my sales improvement bagger simulator 2008 vollversion kostenlosen. Tell other contractors that they should NOT miss your Total Immersion Sales Summit training as well. As good as the material on the website is the live training is even better o töne download kostenlos.

I appreciate all that you do and please thank Rick for inspiring me as well. Thanks again.”

Mike Allred
72 Degrees
Mundelein, IL

“I have Truly Profited From Being a Member”

BY: Joe Crisara

Focused On Results

“Joe, I really and truly feel that you are one of the few people in this industry who are focused on results Download music amazon without app. You and Rick Picard have helped and inspired me to reach sales levels that I did not think were possible.

I really have to admit that your stuff really works fonts to download for free. My sales have increased by 4 times what they were before I met you. I have seen the pretenders who are part of the “good old boy” HVAC networks that include trade magazines and other self proclaimed gurus who are so busy congratulating themselves and giving each other phony awards that they lose track of who they are serving fifa 18 kostenlos herunterladen. That is us the service contractor.

You and Julie at are the complete opposite of the others. Your dedication for staying with me in both tough times and good times show your commitment to this industry herunterladen. If people have doubts about joining or attending one of your Total Immersion Sales Summit’s, by all means have them call me so I can share my experience with them mit opera videos downloaden.

My family and I thank you for the information that your site has provided. I have made my investment back many times over. I have truly profited from being a member download aboalarm cancellation. Thank you.”

John Quinn
Quinn’s PHC
Philadelphia, PA

“Made $51,000 More Than I Would Have Before”

BY: Joe Crisara


Floored Would Be An Understatement

“I have been back from TI for 2 weeks now Download videos on youtube. My first sales call was a crash and burn, but I have had great success since. Two sales calls in particular were very exciting. The first one I sold a Geothermal replacement for $2000 more than I would have in the past and I completely shut out any competition.” Continue reading ““Made $51,000 More Than I Would Have Before””

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“A blueprint for success…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Not Another Program Like It

“What a fantastic program herunterladen. Every contractor should use this and profit greatly as a result. There is not another program like this available for contractors to that addresses such a tremendous idea to market for system replacements in the off season.”

“Every possible marketing facet has been addressed in almost every media imaginable to leverage maximum awareness and results herunterladen. You have created a turnkey marketing campaign blueprint for contractors to follow step-by-step from start to finish and from lead generation to sale. Contractors should be able to take what they learn from their success with your program and apply it to marketing in other slow periods or to capitalize on special events or promotions mail en agenda download. It’s that simple, yet that effective. I salute you for a job well done.”

Drew Cameron
HVAC Sellutions
Philadelphia, PA

“It Has Paid For Itself Many Times Over…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Raising Your Level of Services

“The program is working very well Download prime videos to mac. What we received mostly from your training is how high our expectations should be for our numbers. Several of the guys now have a goal of $20,000 per week in customer solutions AND they are reaching their goals herunterladen!

I would say the class is a lot more about how to raise your level of services to meet the price you are trying to get. Now I feel as though our customers will always receive the value they want instead of what we were trying to sell them herunterladen.

This truly gives the customer control and let’s them buy the way they want. The enthusiasm and company pride has also risen since the class.”

Mike Medaglia
Waterworks Plumbing & Heating
Washington Township, NJ

“Screaming endorsement of Joe Crisara…”

BY: Joe Crisara

A Screaming Endorsement

“This is a screaming endorsement of Joe Crisara and his ability to motivate service technicians video bei youtube downloaden. The weatherman reports that May was the coldest in 30 years for Charlotte NC.

On the first Tuesday in May we had Joe come in and do his tune up program, here are the results herunterladen. The best month in the history of our service department. Average of $20,416 per van with few no cool calls, most calls were tune ups. I even had 3 techs call me the next day and thank me for bringing Joe in download bayern 1 app. Thanks Joe.”

Roger Costner, Owner
Brothers Heat & Air
Rock Hill, SC

My Delay In Joining Probably Cost Me $10 Million

BY: Joe Crisara

True To Self And To The Customer

“Dear Joe & Julie,

As this year comes to an end I can’t help but think how much your influence has done for me and my son Matt and of course our company kaspersky internet security 2019 for free.

Your ability to take the sales experience and create a training program that gradually and sometimes “startlingly” guides the mind of the student to become aware of how to be true to self and to the customer is nothing short of amazing children's audiobooks to.

I also appreciate the respect you show for the ideas and efforts of your students and associates. You don’t pretend to be the next big thing vector passed. But big you are.

My greatest fear is that some contractors will do like I did the first time I met you in Atlanta at Comfortech and not take the time to talk with you herunterladen. I was quite frustrated that our TM scheduled us for 5 days on the beach in Panama City the same week as Comfortech. So on the way to the beach, my wife and I paid the entrance fee to “run through” the show for about an hour charts legal downloaden kostenlos.

I met you at your booth and was very impressed, but in a hurry for the beach. That probably cost me about $10 million dollars. Anyway as one of my customers recently said, “Wow, I’m on board now!”

Thanks so much to the both of you.”

Rodney Koop
Dalton, GA

“You Have Made My Business Recession-Proof…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Crazy To Not Join Your Site

“Every business owner in the contracting industry would be crazy to NOT join your site or attend your training minicraft herunterladen. In fact, I hope my competitors DON’T so I can stay ahead of them. Not likely though because this information is too good to not get out. We got more from just one day than I have in years of listening to other “watered down” experts that think they know it all antivirus herunterladen kostenlos.

Best of all this has energized my people to achieve new heights. For the first time everybody gets what service is all about. What you have done is to literally make my business recession-proof herunterladen. I now don’t fear the off season. Instead I look forward to it because that is when I can really concentrate on making each call count for the most service I can provide wlan verstärker kostenlos downloaden. Thanks Joe & Julie for all your help.”

Tim Johnson
Propane Plus
Rehoboth, MA



BY: Joe Crisara

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Amazing Insight From the Hour of Sales Power

“Your Mini-Immersion seminar was eye opening, you ARE THE REAL DEAL angelspiele pc kostenlos downloaden! I also listen and watch the Hour of Sales Power regularly and get some amazing insight. I believe all contractors would benefit greatly from your information download schalke ringtones for free. Come back soon to the east coast so I can train my guys too!”

Don Risher
Belair Engineering
Upper Marlboro, MD

Biggest Job I Ever Sold!

BY: Joe Crisara

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I’ll Take Some AC With That Too Please

“Joe, I just sold two variable furnaces and condensing units in one house for $22,000 on a pre-season furnace tune up dolphin show herunterladen! I used your line “If I find something should I just shut up? Or do you want me to tell you? After showing her the problems, I almost fell over when she said we might as well replace them before they give out, then she asked for the air conditioners too download shooting games. It was if SHE was following your script! Biggest job I ever sold. It more than paid for the class in a week. Thanks!”

Ken Caldwell,
Cleveland, Ohio

“Over $6,000 on My First Warranty Call”

BY: Joe Crisara

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Cuttng Through The “B.S. Filter”

“Joe, I must admit I had a hard time believing you when you said that you know a tech that AVERAGES over $3,200 on each warranty call or call back that he goes on video von mdr mediathek herunterladen. That is until I went on my very first call which was a callback which I turned into over $6,000 in about 45 minutes on the call. I was “down” with your stuff when I first heard it because there is an element of truth in your system that I could see cut through my normal “B.S das erste videosen. Filter” and made me think that it was possible. I am here to tell you the truth and that is that it absolutely works. Thank You.”

HVAC Service Tech
Providence, Rhode Island

“Joe Rocks!…”

BY: Joe Crisara

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Exposed To It All

“Joe rocks kann man filme bei amazon prime herunterladen! I have been exposed to many different types of sales and business training and never have I seen anyone with the commitment of Joe & Julie.

You guys are definitely the best bang for your buck consultants on earth minecraft free for tablet. I really enjoyed your visits to my shop and for givining us the needed help in increasing our sales and also for helping our office staff succeed as well

Thanks for all of your help.”

Gary Wilson
Wilson Services
North Hampton, MA

“I Have Exceeded My Goals In a “Slow” Month”

BY: Joe Crisara


Make More Revenue & Sales

“In a month where it was normally slow for others, I had exceeded my goals thanks to information from your site klingelton magnum herunterladen. The tele-seminars really help me to hear what others who are succeeding are doing to make more revenue and sales than they have ever done before. Thank you for the site and the great information.”

Jesse M download hiking maps for free. Ramirez
Comfort Consultant / Field Supervisor
John Moore Services