Take action, feel the fear and try it anyway

By: Joe Crisara

You’ve heard of the many behavioral conditioning experiments in which animals in a laboratory are rewarded with sugar pellets or punished with an electric shock for pushing for a particular button alle fotos von google herunterladen.

What if the animal was randomly shocked with no regard to which button was pushed? 

The answer is that the animal will take no action because they are not sure what will happen download outlook certificate.

Basically it becomes to risky to do anything therefore they go into a stressed out shell and wait for something to happen. Eventually the stressed out subject of this type of experiment loses the ability to think clearly due to the environment they find themselves in follow on netflix.

Contractor behavior experiment

This experiment is being repeated with service contractors around the country. The average hvac, plumbing and electrical service contractor will not take a chance on investing in their team because they either don’t believe in the people, themselves or the that the training will work.

Limit risk for improvement

Contractors who are treading water or losing money can find themselves in a self-defeating pattern that ends with the carnage of their family finances, loss of employees and eventually loss of their entire business.

Here are three simple yet powerful actions to improve your sales and profit without laying everything on the line.

  1. Evaluate The Risk Of Doing Nothing – Look at your people, the sales revenue and your profit and make a determination about what will happen if you do nothing. Is the trend going to move upward? Will you spiral downward? Will you wait too long? Being decisive is the most important element of leadership.
  2. Sample The Information – If you have information on ways to improve your company, it’s service, sales and profit then ask yourself if you believe implementing these ideas will make a more positive impact than doing nothing. Every leader must have a vision and be able to sell this to their team. Let your people look at, discuss and comment on what you see being possible for your company, the customers and employees.
  3. Prototype the Change – Don’t jump in or try to steer your company with too sharp of a turn in direction. Employees and customers will leave if you make change too quickly. Take the person who is most passionate about succeeding and let them try the change under a controlled experiment. Train the employee to “try on” a new behavior for a given period of time and see if the results are worth the investment. If the new methods or ideas work then go full tilt with a company-wide implementation plan.

One thing that is certain in business…

Those who take action and keep moving toward attempting to improve themselves will be rewarded a lot more often than not. When any living creature stops moving and fails to take action for too long, the demise of that entity is not far behind.

Take action, feel the fear and try it anyway.