Why Hard Fails & Soft Succeeds

By: Joe Crisara

Soft skills v Hard skillsOne of the things that has always made me crazy is the labeling of customer service and sales as a so called “soft” skills.

If customer service and sales are so “soft” then why is it so “HARD” to get your service technicians and sales team to put really good “soft” skills into practice blackberry app world deutsch download kostenlos?

I often wonder, “Who was the dunderhead, that coined this term?”

My best guess is that it was probably a person who had a very strong technical skill-set that had failed to develop equally strong customer service skills. This person (probably a guy) then trying to justify this weakness, downplayed the importance by labeling the uber-important skills of customer service, sales and communication as “soft”, which implies that their not very important Galaxy s5 is currently not available.

But let me tell you…

Superior customer service & sales skills are critical to the success of your business on every level from your customer service representative to your service technician and even the guy running the warehouse.

The essential skills of selling your services at a profitable price while providing service that exceeds that price is very rare indeed dragonball herunterladen. Many companies, careers and customers have been lost due to the inability to use “soft ” skills correctly. Far from “soft”, they are very powerful and can change the lives of employees, customers and companies for the better.

In fact, when you think about it, your “hard” (technical) skills will whither away pretty fast if you fail to sell or create value in your service audio von website downloaden online. After all, if you can’t persuade a customer to purchase from you, then you will not do the work.

Use your “soft” skills to diagnose your customer

What we are talking about here is the ability of your team to diagnose a customer and their family so that your technical solutions can be “on-code” with these buyers. And what that really amounts to is your willingness to listen to your customers words and feelings in a way that helps you find the perfect solution for them, which creates a higher value for the service you provide.

Conversely those who are great at the technical part of their jobs but can’t communicate the value of the service will find themselves struggling to find work. I call them the “happy losers”.

Don’t be one of the happy losers

These “happy losers” are stuck in a rut, going about their lame but persistent business of trying not to go broke. They will blame, the economy, the president, employees, vendors or anybody else but themselves for their failure to NOT communicate the value of their services in a way that matters.

They understand the work technically but don’t know how or don’t want to learn how to translate their “hard” skills into the language that connects with their customer to sell that service profitably.

5 key “soft” skills million dollar service contractors use

On the other hand there are a small but growing group of service contractors who are working to master these essential skills. They are earning millions of dollars a year, while the competition continues to struggle not knowing or using these “soft” skills properly.

If you want to join the ranks of the million dollar contractors then I strongly suggest you and your team implement these 5 “soft” skills on every call:

  1. Ask open ended questions and make a friend with your customer
  2. Listen actively and focus your attention on the meaning of your customer’s words
  3. Be empathetic and put yourself in your customer’s shoes
  4. Create solutions that are “On-code”
  5. Present those solutions in a way that has meaning for your customer

Mastering “soft” skills is the difference

You know mastering “soft” skills are vital to the success of your business. You know using these skills expertly to deliver superior service is the difference between a business that financially struggles or one that thrives giving you the life you’ve always imagined.

So do yourself a favor and stop with the “soft” label and start developing these essential these skills so your business & life can be what you always wanted it to be.

You want to learn the fastest and easiest way to develop your “soft” skills so your contracting business can deliver the profits you’ve always wanted?

Join me at Total Immersion live in Los Angeles where I will personally teach you the so called “soft” skills and how to apply them step by step to deliver superior “Pure Motive Service” so you can increase your sales and your profits.