Super Bowl Sales Lessons

BY: Joe Crisara

Super Bowl Sales Lessons

If you watched the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago you saw a play that will probably go down in history as one of the boldest and gutsiest plays ever called wer wird millionär spiel kostenlos herunterladen. The play I’m taking about happened at the very start of the second half. It’s called the “onside kick.”

Most teams, especially in such a big game would decide to do the “normal” thing and kick off to their opponent gif download iphone. This gives the opponent a chance to possibly score first before they get the ball back. The play is usually reserved for moments of desperation at the end of a game download whatsapp images again.

There was no sign of despair when New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton did the opposite of the routine way, not this time, not this day. He boldly made the decision to not wait to get the ball back to start the half Download ccleaner for free german chip. Essentially he sent a message, “We will not wait for our success to happen. We are going to make it happen.” Continue reading “Super Bowl Sales Lessons”

How Does Sales Expert Prove His Approach Works?

BY: Joe Crisara

How To Prove a Sales Approach Works

Templeton, Calif. – All salesmen need help when their sales drop or stagnate or even when they think there’s nothing else to learn gratis itunes films downloaden. Unlike many sales trainers who are here today and gone tomorrow, Joe Crisara went back to many graduates of his Total Immersion Workshops and found dramatic improvement both in closing sales and higher per average sales alarmstufe rot 2 yuris rache kostenlosen. “There are lots of sales trainers who promise everything and then move on to the next assignment,” says Crisara, who has taught more than 1,000 contractors the secrets of his lifelong study of what works and what fizzles with contractor selling media player gratis downloaden.

Results Mean More Than “Lip Service

Every teacher, and that’s what a sales trainer is or should be, should be judged by only one criterion: “How successful are his students?” says Crisara, who founded the Total Immersion Workshops along with his wife, Julie facebook video als mp3 downloaden. “When I measure the results, enthusiasm and commitment of my graduates, it’s the most rewarding feeling any teacher can ever have.” A random sampling of comments from his graduates include: Continue reading “How Does Sales Expert Prove His Approach Works?”

CASE STUDY: Something to Smile About

BY: Joe Crisara

Something to Smile About

When was the last time somebody asked you, “How can I make you smile today” sims kostenlos downloaden? When Danielle answers the phone at “72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, Your Comfort Experts,” she asks this very question with sincerity dak app herunterladen.

“It all about building rapport,” says Doug Clay, 42, sales and general manager for 72 Degrees. “Danielle’s job is to let customers know that we are their allies mov herunterladen. We’re here to provide a solution for their needs.”

Clay is the co-owner of San Clemente, CA-based 72 Degrees, who along with his wife, Edwina, manages the office grafik herunterladen. Together, they have built a successful heating and air-conditioning company with 14 employees (including their daughter Danielle) and a second location in Longview, WA Continue reading “CASE STUDY: Something to Smile About”