“I Never Thought People Would Buy This Way!”

BY: Joe Crisara

Choosing A Higher Price Over A Lower One

“I never thought people would buy this way. Joe I took your challenge and to be honest, I thought it would fail medion netflix herunterladen. After all, who would ever choose a higher price over a lower one? Well, I did what you said and gave the options you told me to on the first day back from “Mini-Immersion” in Pasadena download apps on panasonic tv. Can you believe it? Both customers chose the top most expensive option! The average amount sold for the first two calls were almost $1,700 each! I would have been lucky to get $300 to $400 per call before this how can I youtube. Think about what I could have got if I had a better more expensive option on these! Thanks Joe, I’m ready to take it the next level!”

Jay North
JP’s Plumbing
Altadena, CA