21 Paths To Perfect Persuasion – PART 1

By: Joe Crisara

The essence of selling is to gain compliance of another person Download beats for free. Nothing in history would ever get done if all we ever did was disagree on everything. (See U.S. Congress)

The following is a list of “paths” to perfect persuasion navigon fresh download german free. What is perfect persuasion? Perfect persuasion is when you have someone who at first want to do things their own particular way, but in the end they agree to doing things your way netflix for laptop.

Okay, so that is the essence of persuasion. So what then is “perfect” persuasion? Persuasion is perfected when the person who changed their mind thought is was their idea and not yours uni due windows. In this 3-part series we will explore the 21 paths to perfect persuasion…

  1. Multiple Confident, Reasons – Simply put the more reasons you have for people doing things your way and the more confident you sound communicating those reasons, the more persuasive you become. If the buyer gives you resistance and you keep presenting new reasons why they should purchase they will eventually give in to one of those reasons. Even better is when the reason directly benefits the client or avoids a mistake they’re about to make.
  2. Create Balance – One of the most persuasive things you can do is to be balanced between the client’s point of view and your point of view when attempting to persuade people. Remember that there are always two sides to every argument. When you acknowledge your buyer has a point too, it creates an obligation to consider your point of view more carefully.
  3. Be Relevant – Being “on-code” when persuading your client means that your motivation is to help them personally with an issue in a customized and unique way that is purely customer focused. If the message seems canned or worn out, the client will glaze over, switch off and fail to process your information. Stay “on-code” and your message is bullet proof and will always be considered strongly.
  4. Remain Neutral – If your goal is to truly help a client, then putting your own self-interests secondary is an amazing tool to gain credibility with clients. Situations where you tell a client that you would prefer to cancel the call rather than be a burden to them or do things the wrong way help you emerge as, “The kind of person I want to do business with.”
  5. Being Alike – In a 2001 study performed at Santa Clara University, researchers found that sharing common ground with your buyer resulted in almost double the compliance of request made of buyers in the test.  Even the smallest similarities brought the rate of compliance from 43% to 77%. The lesson is clear. Find the common ground between your client and you and they feel more comfortable and relaxed as if they’ve know you forever.
  6. Power Of Authority – People love to take shortcuts when they find themselves in a challenging situation. One of these shortcuts is to defer to the “expert” in the field in which they are being challenged. Basically deferring to the expert saves them the time and trouble of having to do all the research themselves. What makes YOU the expert? Sometimes it’s as simple as the way you look or your confidence in explaining the issue.
  7. Appearance & Attractiveness – There have been numerous studies showing consumers trusting and liking those who are impeccably groomed and dressed in clean appropriate, attractive clothing. Again, clients like to take shortcuts and this is one of the most important ones they make. Essentially people figure that if someone spends the time to worry over the details of being well groomed and dressed, they will probably be just as detailed in finding the issues and presenting solutions to them. “Dress for success” is not just a saying, it actually works.

Please return here for Part 2 in the upcoming weeks.