9 Things To Know Before Presenting Solutions

By: Joe Crisara

9 Things To Know

Too many times a sales or service person goes into a presentation of their services without knowing some of the essential things that will make it easier for them to create a WOW customer service experience. Knowing this essential information will not only be more meaningful to the client they are serving but will also be a better use of the service provider’s time as well download videos via link. In that respect I have put together a list of 9 things to know before presenting your solutions and also the reason why you should ask these things before giving your potential client information about you.

1. Why? –  What is the REAL reason people want to consider a purchase mac os download? Phony reasons are reasons that are generated by industry marketing. Things like more efficiency, “time for a new one” or rebates are all phony reasons. Who would suffer or be negatively impacted if we kept the status quo and decided to do nothing right now? That is the REAL reason. If nobody will suffer in anyway by not taking action, then the opportunity is gone before you ever got started.”Peel the onion to get to the emotional core reason why it is so important to take action strato backup herunterladen.

2. Why Now? – What changed that inspired them to move now? What inspired them to look into doing this now? If the problem existed last year then why is now the time that things must change? Be skeptical and find the “why now.”  Finding the “why now” can be very useful later on if the buyer loses their enthusiasm for doing the project or repair. You can simply remind them of the what has changed or what happened in the first place that made them want to fix or replace the system.

3. Who? –  Find all the people who will be using the solutions you provide. Also find the people who need to be present in order to make a decision on buying your solution. Remember your value system must include these words, “Everyone must have equal access to the information so that your clients can make an informed decision.” Refuse to do bad service by letting one client present your solutions to another client.

4. Who Else? –  The cast of characters not in the immediate picture but who are influential in providing information or advice to the client. Competitors, family members, neighbors & friends are all possibilities. Just think back to the last time you lost a job because a friend, family member, neighbor or competitor interfered with the relationship you were trying to build. Find if the client already has someone they are happy with and disqualify yourself if there is no chance for you to get the job.

5. When? – What’s the reason people chose to wait to purchase or alternately feel compelled to move rapidly? Long time-frames can be changed if your ability to connect is better. If you can build respect, honor and trust in your relationship then you emerge as the “right” solution. Ask, “If I put together some solutions for you today, what would happen then?” Position yourself to make your presentation after your client has enough information from everyone they need to have it from.

6. What? – This is the thing that people think they need given the limited info they have about your service. Find what they know about the solution they want then begin to think about the things they have missed. Make sure that the main reason the client called you and the “real” reason is being solved in your presentation first before showing any other things to the client when presenting.

7. What Else? –  These are the things that the buyer didn’t know when making their request. What else is 90% of what a successful sales professional provides to differentiate their solutions. This is the area that will differentiate your service because you have thought of other things that most sales people have either not observed or were too ignorant to realize they would benefit your client.

8. How? – How does the person normally purchase things? Find the process that the buyer will use and also how long they intend to take before making such a purchase. Timing is everything in life. Waiting to make a presentation to your buyers until the time they are ready to move forward toward a solution will be rewarded because not only will your solution be more relevant but so will the timing. The best presentation you may ever make is the one you held off on making until your client was ready to purchase.

9. Where? – One powerful thing you can finally do is to make sure you know where all people who are involved in making a decision will be when you decide to make your presentation. If one of the decision makers cannot be present at the time you want to present your solutions it would be very wise to schedule a time when everyone would be available to see your solutions. It is great customer service to make sure that you are all present to answer any questions as well so your client doesn’t have to “interpret” your solutions.

Take inventory of these nine things to know before presenting as you go through the process of serving each client. Making a presentation without knowing these things will lead to looking like you have not done your homework. If you do find the answers to the above question then you will make a presentation of your service that is relevant to client.

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