Super Meeting on September 12th in Cleveland

By: Joe Crisara

Spend A Day With The $7M Dollar Salesman

Imagine your best sales or service people having the opportunity to spend an entire day learning the strategies, mindset and techniques with $7 million dollar residential HVAC-Plumbing & Electrical Replacement Service Advisor, Rick Picard and me, Joe Crisara download music from amazon on pc.

Think about it. What would a “day in the life” of the highest performing HVAC service advisor be like?  It’d be like spending a day with Michael Jordan talking basketball, or talking about pitching with Nolan Ryan, or sitting down with Wayne Gretsky exploring hockey.  In this case you and your service or sales people could spend the entire day with Rick and I wordpress bild aus mediathek herunterladen.

What if they (and you) had 1 day where every sales or service question is answered, every strategy is revealed and every problem your people face have a solution given to them?  More importantly they’d be forging a one-on-one relationship with the “Babe Ruth” of service contracting sales results.  What would building a relationship with the top performer be worth to you and your team gmx mail downloaden?

Well wonder no more, that day is here! Rick Picard and Joe Crisara will host our Super Meeting at Contractor Leadership Live in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday September 12th for a day you don’t want to miss.  A day that will live in history as perhaps the greatest game changer for you and your company totally accurate battle simulator for free.

Here’s how this day will unfold…

Schedule for the Day

Morning Session
Pure Motive Pricing Seminar – Joe & Rick start your day with an exciting seminar presentation that will fill in the gaps about how to price and present your services. This will be an instant classic.  This meeting only has room for 500 people so sign now up so you can be included.

Afternoon Session
Service Contractor Sales Town-hall – $7 million dollar sales person Rick Picard and CEO Joe Crisara turn over every rock and help you and your people with real life answers to create rapid revenue and profit breakthrough and growth.  Bring all your sales price books, software and materials and Rick and Joe will personally help each of you to create your finest presentation ever..

Evening Session
Guerrilla Sales Talk –
After Dinner (food is on your own) Rick and Joe hang with all our friends to continue with conversations and mentoring like you’ve never experienced. Creating interest and desire, getting all decision-makers involved, bringing every opportunity to a conclusion, NOTHING will be watered down.  You will get black and white answers to all your question.

After Event Bonus

BONUS: We have arranged for you to get all the audio and videos from this day to have AFTER the day is over so you can listen to this timeless wisdom on your phone on the way home or in your truck between calls.

How much does all of this interactive learning with the best cost? The best part is that all of this is included with your ticket to attend the 3-day Contractor Leadership Live Event!  Our session is leading off the entire Contractor Leadership Live conference and I want YOU to join me there.

3-Day CLL Conference Price After Discount: $245 (reg. $495)

When you register to attend, to get the 50% discount use the code: EGIA20

So to summarize, you get the entire day with Rick and Joe PLUS you get 3-day access to all the other learning sessions and the CLL exhibit hall all at one bonus price!  It’s like getting two world class events with one ticket! PLUS , as I mentioned you get a 50% bonus discount off your pass to this event as well!

Again when you register to attend, to get the 50% discount use the code: EGIA20. Early bird pricing lasts only until August 25th so sign up right now to get the best price.

Click here to attend!

Joe Crisara

P.S. Rick and I can’t wait to meet, teach, mentor and learn with you that day. See you in Cleveland!