Keep Your Eye On The Ball

By: Joe Crisara

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

I can tell spring is about to arrive when I listen to my favorite sports radio show and I hear the ‘Hot Stove” league heating up play store whatsapp kostenlos herunterladen. The show hosts go on seemingly forever about the same players and how they fit in to this years team. This week they started to play the pre-season games in earnest as all the players try to play themselves into mid-season shape by the first week in April raw photo studio for free.

In the selling world try to think about how you can use this time of year to do the same thing. What i mean is that we have all endured a challenging economy over the recent past CV layout to. Just remember that when a person who is good at selling their services goes to work that the economy is always a lot better. At least it is for those who are in great mid-season selling “shape.”

What do top sales professionals do to stay in top selling shape? The answer is probably easier to explain by telling you what they do NOT do. For one thing, they do not make any assumptions. They are always thinking of news ways to approach buyers that they have had challenges with in the past. They acknowledge selling as a competitive sport and they feel that if they are not growing that their competitor probably is. So the one thing for sure is that they do NOT stand pat and rest on their laurels.

Get Yourself In Shape To Close

Here are some of the things that the best people in sales do to round themselves into top shape before they go on their next round of calls.

Focus – Exercise your ability to focus only on the things you have control of. Worrying about the past or the future is just not a productive use of your time. Think about what you can change right now and not on the economy, your prices and other things that won’t change under your direct control. All of the things you worry about would improve if you were just focused on your selling behaviours and how they effect the outcome of each interaction with buyers.

Practice – Think about the areas of your calls that need the most practice. Is it listening? Or how about creating interest and desire? How about the timing of your presentation? Are you always sure that you are finding solutions for the right people or is their someone else who should be involved? Of course there is always closing and handling objections. Do you have ways to eliminate objections before they happen? Are you good at responding them after your presentation? These are things that will always need practice to get into top shape.

Are You In The Minors?

If you watch enough sports you can tell the difference between a minor league player and a seasoned professional at the highest level. It is the details and polish that shows from years of practice. So many sales people who are in the “minors” actually practice their skills for the first time in front of a customer. Why not use the rest of this month to get prepared for the regular season and eventually you might wind up in the “World Series” of selling and finally reach your goals. You and your family will be glad you did.