Feed Your Ego Or Your Wallet

By: Joe Crisara

Your Ego Or Your Wallet

One of the biggest weaknesses ineffective salespeople have is their desire to “look good” in front of their customer citrix receiver for free. If only this desire to feed the ego was as great as the desire to feed their wallet, life would be very different for these “happy losers.”

A Happy Loser acrobat reader kostenlos downloaden windows 7?

I use this term because it perfectly describes the salesperson who is happy to look good even if it means no sale. The need to look smart and sharp to a prospect is more important than getting the result they want herunterladen. Their success and their income suffer greatly because of it.

So make your choice right here and now. Do you want to feed your ego or your wallet?

A. I want to feed my ego.

B. I want to feed my wallet.

You Can’t Do Both

Are the two mutually exclusive? You bet they are. A job where you must sell your services is no place to get your emotional needs met. It is just a place you go to get paid. Selling requires far too much focus and concentration to worry about anything else other than getting a buyer to say yes.

What if you did the opposite of trying to look smart to your customer and instead used a technique I call the “dummy up?” This technique amounts to you acting like you missed something the customer said, which gets them to expand on their thoughts and essentially makes the customer sell you on what they want.

Here are some examples of effective “dummy up” situations:


THEM: I don’t even really like air conditioning.

YOU: I’m sorry, Fred. I had no idea. The office told me you wanted it fixed. Well, let’s not waste anyone’s time, Fred. Should I cancel the call?

THEM: No, wait a minute. We can’t cancel. My wife would kill me if I didn’t get this fixed today before she comes home.


THEM: We had XYZ Company out here working on this before.

YOU: I didn’t know that, John. Hey, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Would you feel more comfortable just calling them back?

THEM: God no! We had nothing but trouble with XYZ and I would never use them again.


THEM: I think we want to go with option number 3.

YOU: Really! I didn’t think you would ever like that one. Why do you like it so much?

THEM: Well, it has a better warranty and it comes with better service. I like that.

YOU: Okay. What should we do?

THEM: Let’s get the work done now.

Make your customer think you need to be educated on why they are buying from you and it will work wonders. As for my question above, I will tell you that I have already made my decision and my wallet is a lot fatter because of it.

Don’t let your ego get the best of you. Just dummy up and sell more!