Got Objections? Grow a Pair & Do Great Service

By: Joe Crisara

A Sad State Indeed

With the economy seemingly in an endless loop of futility and so many people in the contracting trades struggling, it is inevitable that we reached this point in time. That, is when a consumer has a problem with their HVAC, plumbing or electrical system but they are shocked at the prices at first glance and decide to tell the proud tradesman they want to either find someone who is cheaper or put the decision to move forward on hold download anonymously.

A Matter Of Service Not Sales

When faced with resistance from your buyer, this is where your passion for service begins to unfold. It is also death valley for the uninformed or undereducated service provider. Simply put, if you offer great service, you will either help your client through the resistance and move them toward your solutions OR you will quit and let them figure it out for themselves animationen herunterladen kostenlos. That’s correct. Each time you walk away from a client without attempting to help them through the decision process you are a quitter.

What is An Objection?

I define an objection as the following:

A statement or question by the buyer that stops or stalls the buying process

Many times service providers quit without the above statement being true sims 4 items download. A customer utters a statement like, “I’m going to need more time to think about this.” and the service person says, “Sure, no problem, give me a call back when you’re ready.” In essence the service person “quits” on the client. If you really have a passion for service you would help the buyer with his or her thoughts. Instead of walking away and ordering a client to give you a “call back,” why not say something like, “I understand, it’s a lot to think about. I stay here as long as you need my help. What should we do?”

Why Do You Get Objections?

Among other things, getting an objection is a natural part of any sales process. Most times, we ourselves give objections when we purchase. We just do it silently in our minds instead of out loud to a sales or service person. When you get an objection it means…

1. It’s a positive signal that people are interested and willingly to tell you WHY they are afraid.

2. They trust you enough to let you into their private thoughts about making this purchase.

3. They are testing you to see if you really believe enough in your product, service and price.

4. Most of all it means that their is a possibility of the job or project moving forward.

Wimp Junction

So once you have performed your diagnosis and created your customized solutions for your client you are standing at “Wimp Junction.” This is the moment that you will either act boldly and stand confident that you are the best possible person with the best possible solutions for a client or that your competitor would be a better choice for your client.

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Grow a Pair

Did you really go out to this call to diagnose the problem and then turn the solution over to another company? Let me fill you in on something. Being a great service person takes courage and confidence. The first person who should be sold that you are the best for your client is YOU! When your client tests you by saying, “Your prices are high!” OR “We need to think about it.” Stand firmly and “grow a pair” if you know what I mean. Show you believe in your company, your prices and yourself by helping them through their decision. If YOU aren’t sold enough on the solutions you are providing then why would your buyer be sold on you? Make this a habit and it will not only change your sales but it will also change your life.

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