How Dare You!

By: Joe Crisara

How Dare You disney plus download op laptop!

After seeing for myself firsthand the financial success of our Virtual Coaching Students, I have been thinking about how some embrace success so easily like it is their old friend and others DARE to leave opportunity in the dust amazon prime video herunterladen laptop. The one thing that success and failure have in common is that they both leave a path for all of us to follow.

Why some decide to follow the path to failure is beyond me when the path to increasing revenue and profit while making customers happier is so well illuminated windows 10 and burn it to dvd.

How dare you NOT be successful when the information is so accessible to reach your potential. So in that spirit, I came up with a list of “How Dare You’s?” for all of you to absorb and think about.

(Read this with an inner indignant voice if you will…)

  • How dare you not take advantage of the wealth of information that our generation offers you?
  • How dare you not ask a customer why they really wanted this work done to begin with?
  • How dare you not find out how the competition failed before you proceed to diagnose?
  • How dare you not ask the customer why they chose to call or keep using your company?
  • How dare you not find a way to permanently solve the problem?
  • How dare you not offer the customer tomorrows service at today’s price with planned service packages?
  • How dare you not offer a customer ultimatums and not options?
  • How dare you not ask the customer why they think a lower price would offer more quality?
  • How dare you not ask for the job at least 6 times before you leave the home with nothing?
  • How dare you tell customer’s that you are swamped when you could always use more business?
  • How dare you settle for being average when the tools of greatness are all around you?

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