Marketing Interview with Joe Crisara of Contractor Selling

By: Julie Crisara

Read the full Marketing Interview with Joe Crisara of Contractor Selling:

Service Super Summit 2014Joe offered to share a number of resources through out the interview. Please take advantage of these:

  • The  Service Super Summit is coming up on March 5-7.  It’s gong to be a great event with lot’s valuable information on running a more profitable plumbing or HVAC Business. Joe mentioned that you could call the office or visit their Facebook page for a $100 scholarship on attending the event.
    • Here is a direct link to the Facebook Page –
  • Book on the Oldest Water Heater Contest / Oldest Furnace Contest – Joe said to email him at or to call his office at 877-764-6304 and he would get this ebook to you right away.
  • 3 Weeks Free on their triple your sales challenge. Joe is offering to let you attend his program for a full 3 weeks completely free of charge. It’s sounds like a complete no brainer to me. To take him up on that offer just email him at or to call his office at 877-764-6304.

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