Building Relationships Will Improve Your Business

By: Joe Crisara

Magic MomentsImagine that on a particularly busy, stressful day, you’ve just finished training a group of your people. After the training, one of them comes up to you and says…

“I just wanted to tell you that I notice the effort you put into these training classes. The way you go out of your way to get to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses – and tailor the training to each of us is really amazing. I can tell you, we all feel lucky to have a manager like you who cares so much about our development because not many people would go to that kind of effort to get to know their employees on an individual basis the way you do. I’m grateful to work under someone who cares that much, and I just wanted to thank you for treating us the way you do.”

Assuming it was delivered completely sincerely, what sort of impression are you going to have of the person who said that to you download google drive all?

How would you feel for the rest of the day?

And how might that feeling affect your productivity and interactions with others?

Massive Power in a Little Package

If someone said that sort of thing to you with sincerity, of course you’d feel good about yourself. You’d have a positive impressions of that person for sharing that with you, and you’d likely be more productive and positive the rest of the day because of the good mood it put you in.

If you think about it, that’s a ton of positivity created by just a few sentences that took maybe 10 seconds to deliver Download 7 days ö1.

I can’t think of another 10 second activity that could create that much positivity or have that huge of an impact on another person’s day, can you?

That’s because the complement in the beginning of this article makes use of one of the most powerful laws of persuasion…

…The Law of Esteem

The Law of Esteem says that at our core, all humans need and want praise, recognition, and acceptance. It’s like fuel for our souls.

There are few things as powerful as a sincere compliment. Think of how a young child beams when you tell them they did something good. Heck, think back to the last time you received a simple “Thank You” card.

The smallest effort to notice and sincerely call attention to other people’s positive traits can pay big dividends in relationships, business, and life in general al11 datei herunterladen.

When people feel good about themselves, they are…

  • More productive
  • Happier
  • More inclined to reward themselves
  • Nicer to others

When someone tells you that you’re a smart, caring person – you automatically have a reputation to live up to, so you do everything you can to live up to live up to it.

And if you think about it, it’s almost impossible to not like someone who admires and looks up to you, isn’t it?

The Law of Esteem is so powerful, that we’ve incorporated it into our Total Immersion training, and designed a tool around the law specifically tailored to create better internal relationships, better relationships with your customers, and ultimately more sales.

We call the tool a Magic Moment, and it’s easily one of the single most powerful components of our system.

Just One Thing…

Before I tell you how to construct the perfect Magic Moment, I want to make one thing totally clear. And this is a BIG one, so etch this into your mind…

Compliments are ONLY powerful when they are sincere.

False compliments don’t work kostenlos musik app downloaden. They’re easy to spot, and instead of drawing people closer, they tend to repel people because of their blatant insincerity.

That’s why we gave Magic Moments their own name instead of just calling them a compliment. A Magic Moment is a special moment you create between you and your customer – and special moments are sincere.

For them to truly work, you have to make an effort to get to know your client on more than a surface level, and discover something that is truly special about them that deserves a sincere compliment.

But when you know what to look for, finding Magic Moment occasions is actually pretty easy.

Plucking the Heartstrings

Now, if I wanted to find something truly compliment worthy about my client, where would I start? I’d start with the things they love the most, because when you care deeply about someone or something, you’ll move mountains for that person or thing herunterladen.

So, as I spoke with the client, I would observe, listen carefully, and ask questions – and I’m going to pay particular attention to subjects that allow me to create a sincere Magic Moment.

Some of those things include…

Military Service
Fun Activities
Charity Work
Life Events
Any Service Job




Some real-life examples of situations that are Magic Moment worthy:

  • A stay at home Mom who sacrifices daily to make sure her children, spouse, and home are taken care of.
  • A working Mom who holds down a job while still holding up her end of things for her family.
  • A 40 year old husband with a career who has started taking night classes to finish his degree.
  • A customer who devotes 20 hours a week to a local dog rescue to place abandoned pets into good homes.
  • A vet who’s re-entering the civilian workforce after 2 tours in Afghanistan.
  • Any person who has 8 kids and is still smiling.

You get the idea.

There is something compliment worthy in everyone. It’s true that going back to school at night is pretty common these days – but does that make it any less difficult? Does that mean it’s not a brave thing to do? Isn’t it still admirable that someone would go to that trouble to improve themselves and better provide for their family?

Magic Moments don’t have to be built exclusively around spectacular events. You don’t have to wait for a Nobel Prize winner or a Superbowl champ to compliment a customer.

Being able to create a sincere Magic Moment is about getting in tune with the everyday greatness of the average person’s life.

The Magic Moment Recipe

Once you’ve identified something worth building a Magic Moment around, what should you actually say? What words do you use? What’s the best way to make it both sincere and effective?

There are actually six simple elements to building a great Magic Moment. They are…

1: Listening
Listen to your customer, and when the subject turns to a “Magic Moment subject”, ask questions that encourage them to share more about it like, “Tell me more about that…” or “I didn’t know that. Can you share more about it?”

2: Impact
Ask questions about how this event impacted them personally. For instance, “How did you handle that?” Or “What was that like?”

These are the things people love the most, care the most about, and go out of their way to take care of.

3: Certainty
Begin your Magic Moment with certainty by saying something like, “One thing I’m certain of is that your mother is lucky to have a daughter like you…” or “I can tell you for sure that your company is fortunate to have an employee like you.”

4: Admiration
The next statement in your Magic Moment should pick up right where certainty left off and explain why your previous statement was true. For instance: “…because not many people would go to all that trouble to help…” or “it’s rare to find someone these days who’s willing to…:

5: Honor
Next, you make a statement to show your customer that you’re personally impacted by the subject of your Magic Moment. You might say, “I’m truly inspired after hearing that…” or “It makes me feel good to know there are people like you out there who…” or “I’m really honored to be able to help someone today who has…”

6: Gratitude
Finally, your Magic Moment ends as it should – with gratitude. Thank them in some way for sharing, or for being a good person. “Thanks very much for sharing that story with me today…” or “Thank you for doing that for (whoever)…”

As an example, let’s say your customer is the 40 year old man we talked about earlier who is a full time accountant by day, and has recently started taking night classes to get his masters in order to get promoted and earn more for his family.

After Listening, and gathering “impact information”, our Magic Moment might look like this…

“That’s incredible, Bob. I can tell you for sure that your family is lucky to have a husband and father like you.” (Certainty)
“There aren’t a lot of people who would be willing to make all those sacrifices to go back to school while working full time to improve your family’s situation.” (Admiration)
“It’s really inspiring to me to see how you’re making it happen and fitting everything in.” (Honor)
“Thanks for sharing that with me.” (Gratitude)

And that’s it.

Assuming you delivered it sincerely, how do you think Bob feels right after that? Do you think he’ll think about what you said and have an extra spring in his step next time he’s tired and has to go to class?

And do you think in his current state of mind, is Bob more or less apt to think he and his family deserves a more permanent, premium solution to the problem he called you out for today?

With Much Power…

Remember that this is not a manipulation tool. It’s an influence tool, and used the right way, the byproduct will be long-term customers who are more likely to choose more permanent, premium solutions.

Magic Moments done right are incredible powerful and can do a ton of good for you and your customer. But used incorrectly or with the wrong intention, they’ll have just the opposite effect.

Use this article to start using Magic Moments in your service calls. It takes some practice, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll see the powerful positive impact it can have on you, your customers, and your sales numbers.

Do you already use Magic Moments on your calls?
How do you think they might impact your business?