Total Immersion 2-Day Advanced Class

By: Julie Crisara

Remember, before you can attend the 2-day advanced training you have to be a graduate of the 3-day basic training prior to attending.  You can do this all in one week or by taking the basic training first and then return when you’re ready at anytime in the future download swisscom mycloud photos.

Here’s what you’ll learn at our 2-day Total Immersion Advanced Training…

On day 1 we go back to the basics and take an inventory and test your current level of skill

  • Create interest and desire in your service so your clients will voluntarily commit to your solutions
  • Help clients understand what great service is by your actions, not words battlefield 2 herunterladen.
  • Eliminate lowball competitors and differentiate yourself with Pure Motive Service
  • Learn how to connect with clients by creating Magic Moments to raise their sense of esteem
  • Perform real-life repair, maintenance and sales opportunities with your new learning buddies

On day 2 you’ll begin to take action by putting principles into action like…

  • The science of verbal packaging to shift the focus onto the value of your service, not the parts
  • How to perform a complete hvac, plumbing or electrical system diagnosis
  • How to stay “on-code” by being a student of your client so your solutions will be relevant
  • Then you’ll learn the science of making and presenting choices to your clients that will be purchased
  • Finally, you’ll learn how to bring every opportunity to a conclusion and to get a clear outcome

On the last day of the training everyone will…

  • Do a complete service or sales opportunity call from beginning to end complete with objections
  • Each student will handle at least 6 different objections or stalls before closing the deal
  • Every student will also be video recorded so they can see their presentation when they get home
  • Finally upon graduation you’ll receive a signed certificate of completion

After the summit we meet for 4-weeks to coach you through the trials and barriers that happen when you perform the system with real customers back home.  To join me at a Total immersion 2-day advanced training sign up now and let’s begin our journey together whatsapp kan foto niet downloaden iphone.