My Delay In Joining Probably Cost Me $10 Million

BY: Joe Crisara

True To Self And To The Customer

“Dear Joe & Julie,

As this year comes to an end I can’t help but think how much your influence has done for me and my son Matt and of course our company kaspersky internet security 2019 for free.

Your ability to take the sales experience and create a training program that gradually and sometimes “startlingly” guides the mind of the student to become aware of how to be true to self and to the customer is nothing short of amazing children's audiobooks to.

I also appreciate the respect you show for the ideas and efforts of your students and associates. You don’t pretend to be the next big thing vector passed. But big you are.

My greatest fear is that some contractors will do like I did the first time I met you in Atlanta at Comfortech and not take the time to talk with you herunterladen. I was quite frustrated that our TM scheduled us for 5 days on the beach in Panama City the same week as Comfortech. So on the way to the beach, my wife and I paid the entrance fee to “run through” the show for about an hour charts legal downloaden kostenlos.

I met you at your booth and was very impressed, but in a hurry for the beach. That probably cost me about $10 million dollars. Anyway as one of my customers recently said, “Wow, I’m on board now!”

Thanks so much to the both of you.”

Rodney Koop
Dalton, GA

“She Chose The Highest Option!”

BY: Joe Crisara

Excited To Learn More

“By the way Joe, I sold a 1,600.00 plumbing repair yesterday microsoft picture manager download deutsch kostenlos. Usually, when I supply a price that high to a wife alone at home, she’ll say, “I’ll have to talk this over with my husband”. I used your advice and asked her if she was the person to make the decision today herunterladen. She hesitated then responded with a yes.

I then proceeded to supply her with 4 options. I couldn’t come up with 6. She chose the highest one herunterladen. I also sold another furnace for over $7,000 from what I learned on your site.

Joe I also want to say that I am amazed at the fact that whenever I call you that you actually answer the phone windows 10 home iso datei herunterladen. I have never seen any best practice group or consultant that is as responsive as you and Julie are.

To me this shows that you will be there for me when the rubber hits the road warzone kostenlos pc download. I am finally excited about my future as a contractor and to also learn more with each passing day. Thanks for helping me.”

John Stutt
1st Choice Plumbing
British Columbia, Canada

“You Have Made My Business Recession-Proof…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Crazy To Not Join Your Site

“Every business owner in the contracting industry would be crazy to NOT join your site or attend your training minicraft herunterladen. In fact, I hope my competitors DON’T so I can stay ahead of them. Not likely though because this information is too good to not get out. We got more from just one day than I have in years of listening to other “watered down” experts that think they know it all antivirus herunterladen kostenlos.

Best of all this has energized my people to achieve new heights. For the first time everybody gets what service is all about. What you have done is to literally make my business recession-proof herunterladen. I now don’t fear the off season. Instead I look forward to it because that is when I can really concentrate on making each call count for the most service I can provide wlan verstärker kostenlos downloaden. Thanks Joe & Julie for all your help.”

Tim Johnson
Propane Plus
Rehoboth, MA



BY: Joe Crisara

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Amazing Insight From the Hour of Sales Power

“Your Mini-Immersion seminar was eye opening, you ARE THE REAL DEAL angelspiele pc kostenlos downloaden! I also listen and watch the Hour of Sales Power regularly and get some amazing insight. I believe all contractors would benefit greatly from your information download schalke ringtones for free. Come back soon to the east coast so I can train my guys too!”

Don Risher
Belair Engineering
Upper Marlboro, MD

Biggest Job I Ever Sold!

BY: Joe Crisara

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I’ll Take Some AC With That Too Please

“Joe, I just sold two variable furnaces and condensing units in one house for $22,000 on a pre-season furnace tune up dolphin show herunterladen! I used your line “If I find something should I just shut up? Or do you want me to tell you? After showing her the problems, I almost fell over when she said we might as well replace them before they give out, then she asked for the air conditioners too download shooting games. It was if SHE was following your script! Biggest job I ever sold. It more than paid for the class in a week. Thanks!”

Ken Caldwell,
Cleveland, Ohio

“Over $6,000 on My First Warranty Call”

BY: Joe Crisara

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Cuttng Through The “B.S. Filter”

“Joe, I must admit I had a hard time believing you when you said that you know a tech that AVERAGES over $3,200 on each warranty call or call back that he goes on video von mdr mediathek herunterladen. That is until I went on my very first call which was a callback which I turned into over $6,000 in about 45 minutes on the call. I was “down” with your stuff when I first heard it because there is an element of truth in your system that I could see cut through my normal “B.S das erste videosen. Filter” and made me think that it was possible. I am here to tell you the truth and that is that it absolutely works. Thank You.”

HVAC Service Tech
Providence, Rhode Island

“Joe Rocks!…”

BY: Joe Crisara

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Exposed To It All

“Joe rocks kann man filme bei amazon prime herunterladen! I have been exposed to many different types of sales and business training and never have I seen anyone with the commitment of Joe & Julie.

You guys are definitely the best bang for your buck consultants on earth minecraft free for tablet. I really enjoyed your visits to my shop and for givining us the needed help in increasing our sales and also for helping our office staff succeed as well

Thanks for all of your help.”

Gary Wilson
Wilson Services
North Hampton, MA

“I Have Exceeded My Goals In a “Slow” Month”

BY: Joe Crisara


Make More Revenue & Sales

“In a month where it was normally slow for others, I had exceeded my goals thanks to information from your site klingelton magnum herunterladen. The tele-seminars really help me to hear what others who are succeeding are doing to make more revenue and sales than they have ever done before. Thank you for the site and the great information.”

Jesse M download hiking maps for free. Ramirez
Comfort Consultant / Field Supervisor
John Moore Services