Add Your Free Listing Now to UNCLE JOE Service Pro Directory

By: Joe & Julie Crisara

Dear Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC Techs,

As you know, Julie and I have been in the service industry 30+ years, we’ve coached thousands of contractors in the past decade. Our goal is to always bring you tools and techniques to grow your business.

And, our tech team here has a great background in technology with 20+ years experience, helping build companies including Google.

So we approach solutions for you with a blend of contracting expertise and technology prowess. New tools, new solutions. Better ways to grow your business download sudoku for print.

With that we’re excited to debut UNCLE JOE. A place where contractors can list their services free and customers can find reliable ones quickly and easily.


Go Direct, Connect With Customers Easy


No clutter of a search engine.

No competing with unlicensed people on Craigslist.

No bidding for search engine keywords.

No shopping customer leads around.

No lengthy forms for customers to fill out smileys for free.

No fuss, period. UNCLE JOE.


A customer simply searches what service they’re looking for in their city and your company shows up. They can call you or click your website immediately within seconds.

If you’ve ever tried to do a search engine ad or get noticed on a pay for lead site then you know…it’s no fun. And expensive. There’s something seriously wrong with the way Web companies treat service contractors and their customers. Have you noticed this herunterladen? I think we just accept it as “that’s just the way it is.”


Our Goal Is Simple:  Bring You Customers


Many websites and tech firms are all focused on making themselves money but not you. As a contractor, if you’re buying keyword ads on a search engine site it’s $60 to $80 for a ‘warm’ lead, which is basically a name and phone number. Good luck setting up a keyword account and “managing” all the keywords. It’s an expensive mess, let alone trying to navigate all the settings to “optimize” your keyword ad (translation: pay the search engine more money). Search can work but it’s A LOT OF WORK and $$$.

Or maybe you’re listed on some contractor website where they gather up all the homeowner requests via a form (often many pages and pages of forms) and then sell them to the highest bidder among you and your colleagues alle ressourcen herunterladen.

As a customer have you ever filled one of these things out? After 10 minutes of typing forms the final screen says: “Thank you, someone will be in touch within 24 hours.” That’s worse than the old paper Yellow Pages used to be. Isn’t technology supposed to make your life easier?

And then there’s something like Craigslist, which has a hodge podge of listings. As you know, many are illegal unlicensed guys posing as contractors and basically trying to steal away your business with subpar work. Yeah, it is annoying and costing you sales.

It’s clutter, all of it. None of it was designed from a contractor or customer perspective. All of it was designed to make the website money. Not you.

We made UNCLE JOE from the ground up to address the needs of contractors and customers by being direct and simple.

We also believe your word means something. That your customers should know that. If you’ve taken my coaching or been to one of the Total Immersion Sales Summits you’ve heard me talk about ‘pure motive.’ If you haven’t attended yet then let me define it.

Why are you in business? To make money. Of course. But HOW do you make money? It boils down to your motive. The best contractors put customer needs first and guess what? They grow their business dramatically. Word of mouth. Everyone refers a plumber, electrician, or service tech who goes out of their way to do outstanding work. Who they trust. Pure motive grows sales. We’ve seen it in action over and over.

So as part of UNCLE JOE contractor directory we include the Pure Motive Pledge check mark next to the listings of service pros who have taken it.

The pledge (a word of honor):

1. Find and share solutions that enhance the safety & health of every client.

2. Create a range of solutions from the highest quality & reliability to the most economical choices.

3. Perform customer service that anticipates the future maintenance and consumable needs of every client.

4. Provide customized, relevant solutions created specifically for each member of the family.

5. Honestly share system neglect, design, installation and obsolete issues with clients even when it’s not popular.




UNCLE JOE benefits:

1) List your company free. Customers can find you and contact you direct. It’s that simple. Members of (our member site) are automatically listed here and receive a special Pure Motive Pledge check mark next to their company name.

2) With your free listing customers can call you directly or click your website link.

3) If your listing is Featured then customers can also book you right from UNCLE JOE. And you get your own full page listing with multiple photos, coupons and more. Plus, we spread the word about your company to more than 100,000 people on social media.

4) Simple. We want you to be able to focus on great service not spend all day worrying about technology.

If you’re a member we’ve added the Pledge icon to your listing. Companies with the Pledge icon appear before others in search results on UNCLE JOE.

If you’d like to have your own company page with multiple photos, coupon ability and a BOOK ME form that lets customers contact you right from UNCLE JOE then find add your free listing then click the Get Featured link on it and follow the process. You will be on top of the page for search in your city also. Here’s an example of a Featured company page.

So please go now to UNCLE JOE and see if we already have you listed. If not then add your listing. If you want then Get Featured.

We are excited to bring a new way for you to expand your business with UNCLE JOE, a new tool for growing your business.

Best regards,

“Uncle” Joe Crisara