Pure Motive Service: How to Increase Your Revenue Without Selling

By: Joe Crisara

PureMotiveServiceIIYou want your business to grow like gangbusters, and yet the idea of becoming a stereotypical “hardcore sales” organization doesn’t sit right with you either.

You have an image you’re trying to uphold in your community, and the last thing you need is to start developing a reputation for being a pushy upseller.

It’s a valid concern. I understand.

I have some good news and some bad news for you.

Since I’m a “good news” kind of guy, I’ll give you that first…

The good news is that you’re not alone tia portal v15 download kostenlos. A lot of people feel that way about selling.

The bad news is that when you’re in the service business, being able to increase your revenue through active sales ranks in importance just behind breathing.

The fact is, you have to be able to actively create sales to thrive in this business.

But hold on. Before you throw in the towel, you need to know that you’re not doomed. There’s hope.

Let me share some insider sales expert information with you…

You’ve been lied to.

Or at the very least, misled. Selling isn’t what you think it is herunterladen.

Why REAL Selling Isn’t Slimy

Based on your past experiences, you might think that in order to succeed at sales, you have to be one of super-slick, fast-talking, do-anything-for-a-buck kind of person.

Maybe movies like Tin Men and Used Cars have given you the impression that sales is something you do to other people…

Well, I’m going to take a load off your mind right now. Are you ready?

Real, consistently successful selling is nothing like that. In fact, most of those horrible qualities work more against you lego ninjago tournament.

Now that you know what sales isn’t, let’s talk about what sales really is.

How to Deliver Superior Service and Still Sell a Ton

Real professional selling is something you do for someone, not to them.

In our Total Immersion program, I teach something I call…

Pure Motive Service.

What exactly is Pure Motive Service?

It’s doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Pure Motive means being selfless instead of selfish and putting what’s best for your customer before anything else.

And the beautiful part is… when you approach all your business dealings with Pure Motive, the end result is increased sales and higher profits.

That’s powerful stuff, and worth spending some more time on.

When you focus on the customer (instead of money and profit) and do what’s right for them, the end result will be increased money and profits.

And that’s the key.

When you make selling all about you and the money, you come off as desperate and over-eager – and your customer can smell that from a mile away. That’s how salespeople get reputations for being pushy and dishonest.

On the other hand, when you approach everything with Pure Motive and make everything about the customer, you don’t have to worry about the money. It comes consistently and predictably as a result of the service.

Pure Motive is also visible from a mile away. The difference is, with Pure Motive you’ll earn a reputation for being the helpful good guy who people refer their friends to.

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6 Keys to Mastering Pure Motive Service

Again, with Pure Motive, you focus on what’s best for your customer and the money and profits are part is a by-product. It takes care of itself.

Pure Motive is also a powerful way to set yourself apart from ALL your competitors very quickly.

Start by adopting the mindset that you’re no longer selling parts of repairs.

From now on, you’re in the business of selling the best service in the industry.

Here are the 6 keys to providing Pure Motive Service, as taught in our Total Immersion program…

1: Range Of Quality
Providing Pure Motive Service is not about lowballing to get the job, or about getting a high price to increase profits. It’s about educating the customer on the entire range of quality from the most premium solutions to other viable but more economical ones. This allows clients to choose what’s right for their family based on their unique situation.

2: Safety & Health
The higher purpose of your company is to provide a safe & healthy living environment for your customers and your community. Clients are allowed to choose solutions that enhance the wellbeing of everyone in their home.

3: Range Of Reliability
Pure Motive Service means that your company believes in providing quality, permanent solutions that update all systems that are in need of renovation or repair. Clients should have the opportunity to live their lives free of worry and lifestyle interruptions by deteriorating systems in need of constant repair.

4: Customer Service
Providing great service means to anticipate the needs of your client. The client role is reduced to choosing a solution and enjoying the result. The burden of communicating, providing solutions and performing the work is provided by your company. The customer is allowed to receive that high level of service with no effort.

5: Customized Solutions
Every client is different and unique in their lifestyle, routines and challenges in their life. When you practice Pure Motive Service, you are a student of each individual client and will provide only custom solutions that are relevant to each family’s unique situation without an upselling pitch.  Essentially, each problem and solution should be communicated in a way that is relevant to your client and their family.

6: Honesty (…especially when it’s not popular)
In the course of diagnosing problems, other unseen issues with a system are often found. A Pure Motive provider believes that all clients have a right to know any issues that affect the quality, safety and reliability of their systems and also to be aware of all solutions available to clients to update or fix them. It may not be popular but you will inform clients of all possible problems, solutions and upgrades anyway.

As you can see, Pure Motive Service isn’t a tactic. It’s more of a worldview. A deep-seated belief. A value system.

And the end result, the natural byproduct of conducting your business in that way, is more sales, higher profitability and really happy satisfied customers.

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How to Join the Pure Motive Service Movement

That all sounds great, right? You get it. You’re ready to buy into the concept of Pure Motive Service.

But how do you get your entire staff to understand it and get on board?

I’m not going to lie to you. Trying to get a big concept like this in place company wide just using your best effort and a trial and error approach can be an uphill battle.

What you need is a systematic, proven step-by-step method of teaching Pure Motive Service.

At Contractor Selling, Pure Motive Service is the underlying theme in everything we teach in our Total Immersion program.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies teach our methods (including Pure Motive Service) to their salespeople and techs. It’s a proven system designed especially for the service industry that will consistently produce higher sales and profitability.

I know what you’re thinking. “I can’t imagine MY techs successfully selling! That’s not their thing.”

But you’ll be amazed. As long as your staff cares about providing the highest quality service, Total Immersion and Pure Motive Service will have them bringing in sales like never before because it’s all about the customer and providing service – not being a slick salesman.

Click the Total Immersion graphic below or this link to learn more about our Total Immersion and Pure Motive Service.

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