Selling The Brand Of You

By: Joe Crisara

Selling The Brand Of You

Many times I asked at conferences about what brand of equipment I prefer gameboy advance spiele kostenlos deutsch. For me that is an easy question and one that I answer the same way every single time.I feel the absolute best brand is YOU the contractor.

The best equipment will not last very long if it installed with an inadequate air distribution system, fuel delivery system, electrical system, water delivery or drainage system, combustion removal system and refrigerant transfer system bilderrahmen zum downloaden.


In fact when a customers asks me, “How much are the parts for this job?” I always tell them that the parts are free rahmen für bilder kostenlos downloaden. When a customer does business with a service contractor the product they are purchasing is SERVICE not the materials or equipment.All of those systems are engineered, installed and maintained by the most honest, hardest working people I know. You, the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical service contractor. The equipment is necessary but only 10% of what is being sold. 90% of the value that your customer gets is in the relationship with the sales person, service tech, csr, owner, dispatcher, parts guy, bookkeeper and anyone else who is part of your team.


(Que America the Beautiful)…



I know one thing for sure. That is that everyone in our great country is fortunate to have people like HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors and their employees. Imagine our world without them. The amount of engineering skills combined with innovation and just plain hard work at all hours of the day cannot be emphasized enough. NOBODY sacrifices as much time being away from their family while working on their self-improvement, training and skills like all of you do.

I am proud to work with people like you because I know that what you do is the thankless, tough work that nobody sees under the surface in the the subcutaneous world of the mechanical system. The only recognition you get is when something doesn’t work. Otherwise nobody notices the power, the plumbing and the comfort systems in our homes.

I’d Like To Share My Gratitude


So I’d like to say thanks to all the service contractors for fighting through all the challenges and sacrifices you make to make our live comfortable. You are the brand I choose. You are the people I trust. You are the sentry on the frontline war against power interruption, healthy water systems, toxic air quality and the movement of heat from a place that is objectionable to a place where it is not. In summary my favorite brand? Look in the mirror. When my system stops working, you are the brand I want to see.

If you all believed in yourself as much as i do, you would all doubt be multi-millionaires. And so that is my mission. To help service contractors believe in themselves enough to live the life they have always imagined. A life that no doubt would include some great lighting systems, kick ass bathrooms and kitchens as well as a comfortable, clean and humidity controlled environment.