Are You Selling to the Wrong Person?

By: Joe Crisara


There you are in your customer’s house.

You’ve diagnosed their entire system and come up with some top-notch solutions to solve their problem. You’re proud of your solutions and can’t wait to present them to your customer.

As you present, you explain your solutions and tell your customer exactly why you created these custom solutions just for them Download planet coaster for free in full. When you finish, you give them the old reliable, “What should we do?” – and you wait with full confidence that you’re about to get a yes.

Your customer examines each solution carefully and says, “These are really great! It’s obvious you really listened to me and put a lot of thought into all these.”

You think, “Here comes the yes! This is a done deal!”

Your customer continues, “…but the thing is…”

…I need to talk to my wife download windows 10 with windows 7 key.
…My husband just has me gathering quotes.
…I always consult my son-in-law about financial matters.
…My cousin is a contractor, so I want to run this by him first.
…This is my sister’s house. I’ll give her your quote.

Oh, snap weekly plan template.

Just then you realize…

You’ve been selling to the wrong person!

You’ve just given away all your best ideas to someone who isn’t even in the position to say yes.

A Common and Costly Mistake

Selling to the wrong person is one of the most common and most costly mistakes you can make in the world of sales.

We’ve all been there.

At some point, we’ve all wasted our time presenting to someone who we thought was the right person only to find out when we try to close that we were actually talking to a third party or only one of two or more people who will make the decision lucky block mod download 1.8.

I know you’ve been down that road before, and I know it hurts to think about. You feel like kicking yourself every time you do it.

Not only is trying to sell to a non-decision maker a waste of your precious selling time, but it can also frustrate the hell out of you and destroy your confidence – no matter how good or talented you are.

It’s an easy mistake to make, and a difficult one to overcome. The best way to avoid this problem is to systematically eliminate it on each and every one of your calls mp3 titel kostenlos downloaden.

So how do you eliminate it?

How to Sell to all the Right People

The simple answer is that you should NEVER make the assumption that you’re talking to the decision maker.

Each and every time – before you decide to present your solutions, you need to make CERTAIN that you’re talking to the right person – the person who can actually make the decision.

How do you do that? It’s as simple as asking some very direct questions before you present. Questions like…

“Are you planning on making this decision by yourself?”

“Who else will be involved in making this decision?”

“Is there anyone else who you usually use as a resource to help you make these kinds of decisions?”

If you find that someone else needs to be involved, simply set a time when you can be in front of everyone who’s involved in the decision Need for speed free full version.

That may require a little extra work or coordination, but I promise you it’s many times more effective – and you’ll close many more sales doing things this way.

Remember these three simple rules…

1. Never make your presentation twice.
2. Never make your presentation to the wrong person herunterladen.
3. Never make your presentation at the wrong time.

Because when you do those things, you’re not only wasting your time, but you’re also showing your customer how little you value your own time. And the last thing you want is for your customer to start thinking, “If this guy’s time isn’t valuable to him, then why in the world is his price so high?”

Go Put it in Play

Refer back to this article at the beginning of each sales day and review the three rules above free download games from 18. Better yet – write the rules down and tape them to the dashboard of your truck.

When you make an effort to find out for sure who the real decision maker is before you present, you’ll ultimately be using your time much more wisely and boosting your sales.

Before you invest your time in a sale you can’t possibly make by talking to the wrong person, ask the questions in this article and eliminate all doubt.

If you do, you’ll never again waste your valuable selling time on the wrong person when you could be somewhere else talking to a real decision maker… and making a sale antivirenprogramm mcafee kostenlos downloaden!

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