WHY We At ContractorSelling.com Wake Up Every Day

By: Joe Crisara


As the old year turns into a new one, I can’t help but stop and reflect on the hard working people who not only make ContractorSelling a healthy, thriving business – but who also do so much for our society switch games on sd map. People like you. Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Contractors that work beneath the surface of our homes and businesses performing the thankless tasks that others don’t have the passion or expertise to do.  This is WHY we at ContractorSelling wake up everyday facebook nachrichten downloaden.

You work hard day in and day out, making personal sacrifice after personal sacrifice to keep the power on, the air at the right temperature, and the water flowing in our homes the way it’s supposed to play store android kostenlos.

Every day, you perform the often thankless task of keeping millions of families safe and healthy. You do everything in your power to ensure that their mechanical systems are of the highest quality and are in reliable, working order herunterladen.

Day to day you may not realize the significance of what you do, but I realize it.

You are the definition of Pure Motive Service, and for that I thank you pferde spiele gratis herunterladen.

I thank you for doing the work, for keeping all those families safe, and for allowing all of us at Contractor Selling to witness and be a part of the amazing things you do for others every day terraria 1.3 for free.

Thank you for inspiring us every day with your dedication, and for the world-class, customized service you give your clients all year long.

What you might not know is this…

The REAL Reason We Do What We Do

The way you live your life and the way you do your job every day is the reason we at Contractor Selling wake up every morning. You (and people like you) are what motivates us to coach thousands of service professionals to perform at their very best.

Your sacrifice and exemplary service are what keeps us constantly striving to learn more, develop more tools, and create even better processes every day.

All of us at ContractorSelling.com (and myself personally) have such high passion for the work we do because…

  • Because we want hvac, plumbing, and electrical service techs to be able to communicate the high value for the solutions they bring their clients every day.
  • Because we want service workers to be a part of creating a great economy for the United States, not an economy people have to “suffer through.”
  • Because we want to be the world’s premier provider in training service contractors in the technical and interpersonal skills
  • Because we want you and your team to do your jobs brilliantly and be rewarded handsomely for it – as you deserve to be.
  • Because we want the American public to understand that real Pure Motive hvac, plumbing and electrical service still exists.
  • Because we want consumers to know that REAL SERVICE is performed by their skilled, friendly, local service contractor.
  • Because we want to help differentiate you from the faceless, uncaring internet profit skimmers that pit one contractor’s prices against another.
  • Because we want to give contractor owners the freedom to work on their business and not in it.
  • Because we want to see service professionals children get the finest education as a reward for the blood, sweat and tears shed by their hard-working parents.

We do this for you so that your father, mother and your entire family can take pride in the work you do to keep the public safe and healthy by delivering the highest quality, reliability, and customer service anywhere.

Pat Yourself on the Back

So with the new year upon us, all of us here at Contractor Selling would like to encourage you to take some time to reflect on your life as well.

Take just a moment out of your busy day of putting others first to give yourself a little credit. What you do matters. It matters to more people than you realize, and the scope of your work reaches much further than you have imagined.

Between calls, take some time this week to pat yourself on the back for a job well done and allow yourself to feel pride in the fact that what you do (and how you do it) matters. It matters a lot! It matters to many!

Thank you again for all of your hard work, your constant effort, and for giving us the honor of being part of your story.