Give Your False Assumptions A Knockout Punch

BY: Joe Crisara

boxing_glove_512x512We face seemingly unlimited obstacles when trying to manage and grow our businesses whatsapp out of date.

Some bigger than others. Some more persistent than others, but none the less our job is to navigate these obstacles.

Large or small, some of these obstacles can be more obvious than others, like…

You need a bigger location to continue to grow your company herunterladen. Or your budget doesn’t allow for investing in staff with a needed skill set.

But what about the obstacles that are far less obvious?

What about the obstacles that we put in front of ourselves that maybe aren’t actually there mp4 bestanden downloaden van youtube?

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Take action, feel the fear and try it anyway

BY: Joe Crisara

You’ve heard of the many behavioral conditioning experiments in which animals in a laboratory are rewarded with sugar pellets or punished with an electric shock for pushing for a particular button alle fotos von google herunterladen.

What if the animal was randomly shocked with no regard to which button was pushed? 

The answer is that the animal will take no action because they are not sure what will happen download outlook certificate.

Basically it becomes to risky to do anything therefore they go into a stressed out shell and wait for something to happen. Eventually the stressed out subject of this type of experiment loses the ability to think clearly due to the environment they find themselves in follow on netflix.

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Lead Like Martin Luther King: 5 Values to Embody

BY: Joe Crisara

Lead-Like-Martin-Luther-King-5-Values-to-Embody1Martin Luther King Jr firefox voor ipad downloaden. would have been 87 years old this year. In his short but inspiring life he left an incredible legacy on our nation and people.

I’m a believer that the values we honor in ourselves are often found in our heroes or people we admire herunterladen.

MLK is one of those people for me.

While not a perfect man, he did embody 5 core values that I cherish and try to live by everyday download adobe digital editions for free german. The impact of living these values can be large or small, but in all cases, I know living by them will make a difference.

Martin Luther King led a bigger life to create a greater world and I believe it’s within each of us to do the same my horse and me 2 download kostenlos vollversion. His courage, vision, compassion, integrity and inspiration changed history.

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Review The Past, Then Let It Go

BY: Joe Crisara

powerpoint for xp free chip

Review The Past & Let It Go_Review The Past & Let It Go_Randy HeinitzUnderstand the Past So You Can Let It Go

One of the things that hurts the possibility of creating more success is the stubborn habit of clinging to the past. Because we relive our past experiences for years both in reality and in our retrospective minds, it feels like a very comfortable place to be download mac operating system.

Placing a high value on certain legacies we have achieved can be fine…

However, when those legacies are toxic they can be outright dangerous and can ruin your business and your life onedrive business.

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What Every Contractor Can Learn From Hospital Clowns

BY: Joe Crisara

Scary Or Comforting smart notebook herunterladen?

Almost anyone would assume that the typical clown that we have seen so often at the circus, would bring smiles and joy to all they visit.

As it turns out, the odds are that an unchecked assumption like this one we make about clowns is a pretty good bet to be wrong herunterladen. Research is actually showing that clowns may be more scary than comforting to a young child.

Think about the times you may have visited a children’s ward or maternity section at most any hospital issuu pdf herunterladen. Whimsical drawings of fun things to make kids feel happy often decorate the wallpaper. Some of this decorated wallpaper depicts drawings or illustrations of circus clowns where can I powerpoint for free.

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