Can You “Turn-Around” Your Sales?

By: Joe Crisara

The Turn-Around

One of my favorite techniques is called the “Turn-Around.” In short, this is a term that I use that means to get your prospect to reveal the logical and emotional reason they are wanting to buy your solution bücher herunterladen auf tolino. In effect “turning around” the sales situation so that the buyer sells YOU on wanting to get the work done instead of you selling THEM. Many times buyers provide a false reason so they don’t reveal too much about their situation thinking that you may use it against them to close the deal download the font.

The Turn-Around helps your buyers “think-it-over” before you start making prices and solutions so they are certain that the service or product they are requesting information, about is something they definitely will purchase ls 2013 mods kostenlos downloaden. It increases your confidence as a service provider going into your presentation because now you know they are buying something. The only thing in question is what will they buy and from who?

So to bring prospects through this technique will reveal not just the surface reason and the logical reason but also the raw emotional reason why they are wanting to purchase your solutions. At the end the buyer is more emotional and passionate about wanting to get this work done.


CUST: “Do you have any information on a new water heater?”

YOU: “A water heater! John, why do you think you need information on that?”

CUST: “Oh I may be in the market for a new one.”

YOU: “Why not just keep the one you have?”

CUST: “Oh it’s getting pretty old.”

YOU: “Yeah John I know but my Dad is getting older too and we don’t replace him, why take on this expense if your old one works fine?”

CUST: “That’s the problem, it’s not fine, I had to relight it twice this past month.”

YOU: “Yeah but now it’s fixed, why not try to get a few more months out of it?

CUST: “Listen, I was late to work twice this month and my boss said this is the last time I can be late.”

YOU: “Oh my goodness, what would happen if you came in late again?”

THEM: “That’s just it. It took me 4 months to get this job and I can’t afford to lose it. I need my water heater working!”

YOU: “WOW! I had no idea! So what should I do at this point?”

CUST: “Show me what you have so we can get moving on this right now!”

As you can see by the above sequence, the buyer shifted from just looking to insisting on moving forward now. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that this method of reverse selling gets the buyer to sell YOU instead of you trying to sell THEM.

As you can tell it reveals the true emotional reason why people buy AND creates a very strong commitment to take action to remove the core pain. In this case, it was losing a wife over the water heater.

Oh by the way, this method goes back thousands of years. It was actually acknowledged as technique popularized by Socrates. In fact this type of questioning is actually defined scholastically as the “Socratic Method” in academia.

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