Selling On Tough Calls: Multiple Estimates

BY: Julie Crisara

That Moment You Realize This Is A Tough Call

Carol looked at me and said, “Just so you know, we’re getting 3 estimates before we make a decision.” Not to be outdone by his wife, Bob yelled, “Four estimates,” as he turned and walked into the other room Download the nutrition plan for free.  I thought to myself, I haven’t even taken off my shoes yet and this is what I get.  I hate these multiple estimate tough calls.  Just then Joe walked in the door and introduced himself alle tkkg folgen kostenlos downloaden.  “Hi, I’m Joe Crisara, the quality control manager.  How are you today, Carol?”

Carol gave Joe that same determined look and said, “I just want you to know that we have 3 estimates lined up this week and we won’t be making any decisions until we hear them all.”

“First, let me say thanks for calling us and for the opportunity to help you and your family with this issue entspannungsmusiken kostenlos. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be here today and it really means a lot to us that you chose our company to assist you. Carol, can I ask you a question?” “Of course,” Carol said brennprogramm für windows vista kostenlosen.

“Carol, I really appreciate your honesty about getting 3 prices before making a decision.  We don’t go out for dinner these days without seeing the different options available to us and the prices alongside them thanks to social media and sites like Yelp herunterladen. They’ve changed the restaurant industry.”

Joe wasn’t phased a bit by Carol’s comment and immediately followed with, “We like to think that we are changing the way service contractors do business with homeowners like yourself as well diablo kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch. You said you are only going to get 3 estimates.  Our company gives 6 estimates on every call, kind of like that insurance company where you name your own price.  This way you have all the possibilities right in front of you at the same time yed download.  So why are you limiting yourself to only 3 estimates?”

Carol was a bit stunned and didn’t know what to say but was able to stumble out the words, “We are actually getting 4 estimates.”  Joe just rolled with the punches, but I could tell he was wareing her out wimmelbild spiele vollversion kostenlos downloaden pc. “I understand Carol.  I’m not trying to make you feel bad.  It’s just that if I were to show you my 6 estimates instead of only 4, and you liked one of those options, what would happen next?” Continue reading “Selling On Tough Calls: Multiple Estimates” Launches New Customer Service Bootcamp for Residential Service Professionals

BY: Julie Crisara

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (PRWEB) MAY 30, 2017 — Joe Crisara, America’s Service Sales Coach, has created a brand new seminar to teach service professionals how to establish higher value by delivering world-class customer service iphone apps herunterladen anleitung.

This course titled, “WOW Customer Service 3-Day Boot Camp” is the ultimate training seminar that coaches service professionals on how to change their thinking to grow their business youtube herunterladen online kostenlos. Attendees are transformed into company leaders that know how to increase value through great service. The seminar will take place on the following dates in Los Angeles and streaming online vlc for free.

With real world examples, objection handling and personalized recommendations – this course is incomparable to any other training program out there wii spiele downloaden wbfs. Attendees will take away the keys to create a culture of empowered employees that fuel client engagement and business development.

“Not only have my sales abilities rocked, my staff has shown consistent improvement in their numbers,” said David Mendenhall, Owner of Tri-M Plumbing wie kann ich aus der ard mediathek downloaden. “More importantly, their customer service has improved exponentially!” teaches service professionals how increase their level of quality, reliability and customer service through enhanced communication strategies application pattern 2018 for free. Attendees include service business owners, managers and technicians in the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, restoration, roofing, painting industries among many others telefon klingeltöne herunterladen.

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How to Stand Strong with Pushy Customers

BY: Julie Crisara

In the home contracting field, you will experience what I like to to call “service terrorists” herunterladen. Yes, it sounds harsh, but these folks are extremely disgruntled customers- for whatever reason- who can disrupt your day, get in your face, and make experience a temporary loss of self esteem herunterladen.

You don’t have to let this happen, there are ways of maintaining a sense of control and balance during even the most trying and emotionally reactive customer service call geburtstagsvideo whatsapp kostenlos downloaden. Unfortunately, it can be the one bad customer interaction, especially where you feel that you dropped the ball, that you’ll remember and will bother you, after you’ve had 1,000 good ones googel play store herunterladen. That’s why I am presenting to you this list of 7 tools which will aid you greatly in keeping your heading and a sense of control when dealing with highly emotional, angry, out of control customers download rtl app.

Use Pure Listening

Often, as a home contracting professional, we want to jump in and fix the problem before we’ve even heard the customer’s whole speech download veryfitpro. Maybe we assume something about a customer’s issue and jump to a conclusion. Or we decide that they don’t really know what they’re talking about Download myaudi map update. Or, we say to ourselves “I’ve heard this one before.” Let them speak first and listen completely. Have no filters in your listening. Offer no resistance herunterladen. Actively listen but don’t say a word, except the briefest acknowledgment that you’re actually on the line. Let them say everything they want to get off their chest, and then create a time buffer between them speaking and you speaking, so it doesn’t feel like you had your answer anxiously waiting to go download installer os x el capitan.

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Put Aside ‘Old School’ Service Agreement Ideas

BY: Julie Crisara

It doesn’t take long after you join or start an HVAC service business when you begin to realize that this business has a “bi-polar” disorder.  Opportunities to serve customers come sporadically in sudden bursts of either “way too busy” or “way too slow” periods sims 2 inhalte downloaden. The ability to do everything from making weekly payroll to paying your supplier’s invoices depends on a consistent supply of opportunity to perform paid service work on a daily basis herunterladen.

With that in mind, in the modern era of high performance service, a “Planned Service Agreement” program is simply the lifeblood of every company that is smart enough to have one aol download for free. So with something so important, how could so many experts have gotten this so wrong for so long?

The importance of maintaining your focus on why the program even exists is paramount to the survival of any company that wishes to sustain the program radar herunterladen.

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Customers Crave Options. Are Your Techs Trained to Deliver?

BY: Julie Crisara

Of course we want our team to perform at their peak performance, but it’s easy to get bogged down in all of the other operations that service managers have to deal with herunterladen. Things like customer service, sales reports, and even HR issues. It can be tempting to focus on putting out fires, and forget to get back to the root of your company’s success: employee onboarding icloud fotos op windowsen. Your company may be solid and revenue may be respectable, but failing to train employees correctly from Day One could leave your business falling short of its potential herunterladen tiptoi.

One of the really common areas for dropping the ball is when a technician arrives at the customer’s house, analyzes the problem, and quotes a simple price to do a simple fix, period herunterladen. No discussion, no explanation of the intricacies and, most importantly, no options when it comes to service.

“Looks like you need a new fan belt adobe indesign free download german. That’s $186, labor included.”

That line may sound okay to a lot of service managers, but it could be the killer to your business. What’s wrong with it download json file? You’re not giving customers what they really want: options.

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Success is Providing More Value Than Expected

BY: Julie Crisara

segoe ui

Today on the BCP Show we talk again with Joe Crisara! Joe believes that unless you are the kind of business that is convinced it has proven and real value to offer your customers, you’re never going to have the kind of sales success you deserve download all pdfs of a page. Want more sales? Focus on VALUE.

Listen to the podcast here:

Download microsoft open office for free german full version

We’re Hiring at!

BY: Julie Crisara

Our business is growing, and we’re hiring for a number of excellent positions in the family powerpoint präsentation download kostenlos. Check out the job board today to see if you might be a good fit. Our office is located at 6167 Bristol Pkwy Los Angeles, California.

Customer Service Representative

Overview: This position will play an essential role in guiding our customers to the correct internal person as well as answering any technical questions they may have over our websites and software herunterladen. In preparation, we are searching for a self-starter with excellent people skills who is solution-driven.

Software Knowledge: Must be tech savvy and able to understand a new website and software quickly, and have prior experience selling a service kann keine filme bei netflix downloaden. Experience with Infusionsoft a plus, as well as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook) familiar with Mac and PC.

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The 1 Thing You Should Never Do As A Contractor

BY: Julie Crisara

Simplicity is good, and although the home contracting industry has its complexities, here is one very simple rule to go by herunterladen. If you had to boil down all of the tricks, tips and rules of running a successful home contracting business, there is one cardinal rule that rises above all the rest gmx downloaden. In the same way that you don’t touch the electrified third rail in a subway, Don’t fail to give your customers options! In other words, always be offering them options Download free motorcycle games!


Imagine you walk into a super hardware store, you know, a giant, airplane hangar sized place with 20 aisles, each one way over your head and absolutely jammed with stuff amazon serien herunterladen mac. There’s electrical, plumbing, hand tools, power tools, wires, cables, lumber, gardening, siding, etc. etc, you name it. And an employee in an orange vest comes up and nudges you over to a checkout station, throws a couple 2×4’s, a claw hammer and a pack of chamois cloths on the conveyor belt and says “That’ll be $23.95” google play musik kostenlos downloaden. “Huh?” you’d be thinking.

You just walked in to the store to choose from the thousands of items and this employee comes along and tells you exactly what you’re getting at exactly what price herunterladen. That sounds like an eastern European country during the Cold War- not like the good old US of A, where we have choices and freedom, especially when it comes to our goods and services amazon prime video macbook!

Neither you nor anyone you know would go back to a hardware store that operated even remotely similar to that.

So why do some people in the home contracting industry think it’s okay to similarly offer customers no choice gratis schriftarten herunterladen?

If you don’t offer any options, choices or alternatives to your customers, it comes across as if you’re issuing a demand on them, laying down the gauntlet, putting them in a corner download simpleclub. People don’t like that feeling. You might think that they appreciate being told exactly what to do and not having to make up their mind, but a lot of people are so used to having choices that it seems crude and impolite to not be offered a variety of options for their products and services I can movies from the zdf mediathek.

3 REALLY GOOD REASONS TO OFFER YOUR CUSTOMERS CHOICES Continue reading “The 1 Thing You Should Never Do As A Contractor”

Total Immersion Sales Summit Announces Summer/ Fall 2017 Schedule

BY: Julie Crisara


The new 5-day advanced training class for service contractors comes to Los Angeles and online via live stream

After 20 years of consulting to contractors, Joe Crisara, America’s Service Sales Coach, brings his award-winning seminar to Los Angeles emergency 4.

Total Immersion is a 5-day advanced training class that teaches service professionals how to change their thinking and grow their sales by 278%, according to a study conducted by Jobi Field Service Software download TV on pc for free. The seminar will take place on the following dates in Los Angeles and streaming online.

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Office Chaos: The Enemy Within

BY: Julie Crisara

There are people in the home contracting industry who think that they thrive off of chaos and disorganization audio converter for free. They just naturally go against the flow of having things being neat, clean and orderly and that a haphazard work space and fly-by-the-sea-of-your-pants approach actually makes them more productive and more successful download grim dawn. They get an adrenalized charge off of somehow finding that customer invoice under that pile of magazines at the last second, or miraculously pulling that lost transfer valve out of someone’s work boot pokémon go for free. Sadly, in more cases than not, these people are WRONG.

This completely non-systematic method of running a business is not responsible for their successes Download whatsapp for mac or windows pc. The truth is that they’re just talented, hard working and lucky enough to stay in business and make a living DESPITE their chaotic, jumbled style and surroundings, NOT BECAUSE of it disney schrift kostenlos herunterladen. Here are some powerful, incisive steps toward eliminating chaos and creating efficiency.


In a modestly sized contracting business, as is with many industries, there is not the luxury to have an incredible amount of job specialization herunterladen. The person who works reception may also make the photocopies and order the parts. The bookkeeper may also work dispatch. The HR person may sweep the floors dhl app herunterladen. It can get confusing. People may not even know exactly what their job responsibilities are or what exactly their co-workers do. You need to make an organizational chart druckvorlagen kostenlos downloaden.

Making a clear, concise chart that hangs on the wall, and can be distributed in copies around the office, will help to curtail the arguing and back-and-forth recriminations when a task needs to be done apps to video.

Make sure before putting a specific job title on the chart that there is actually the proper work environment in the office for said title, and that there is a sufficient quantity of work herunterladen.

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Why Your Business Will Fail Without Field Service Software

BY: Julie Crisara

Nowadays there seems to be an app for everything youtube videos herunterladen mit ipad. An app to get your food delivered, make a doctor’s appointment, stream any movie, there’s even an app to help you find your soul mate. But what about your business samsung tv app downloaden?

How are you tracking your team towards the path to success? If you focus all of your efforts on putting feet in the street and fail to monitor your progress, you will undoubtedly fail mozilla firefox download chip deutsch kostenlos windows 10. Don’t fall into that trap! Check out walk-through infographic on how field service software helps contractors every step of your business.

To save yourself from these pitfalls, sign up for our new app Jobi and see how you can follow this roadmap to keep your business going strong for many years to come daily topics! Get your free 7-day trial at

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10 Excuses Your Clients Can’t Stand to Hear

BY: Julie Crisara

Excuses are like emergency vehicle sirens card games for pc for free. They grate against our ears and if we hear them, there better be a damn good reason they’re being used. Sure there are some excuses that are completely warranted – your car really did get a flat tire, your doctor truly gave you a signed medical note, or your dog actually ate your computer flash drive atlas tien. But a great deal of the time, excuses are just made up stories meant to buy time and goodwill from our clients, and to avoid taking head-on responsibility for the shortcoming or misstep t-online mail herunterladen. In the home contracting industry, if you use the following excuses on a regular basis you will find angry clients followed by a severe drop in your company’s profitability amazon prime. It’s not too late to avoid these pitfalls- read on!

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Joe Crisara on Pure Motive Service

BY: Julie Crisara


Joe Crisara, America’s Service Sales Coach is a world-wide sales educator and entrepreneur. Joe has a style that has you feeling like he is a member of your family or someone you met before herunterladen. His down-to-earth, direct and impassioned approach combines 40 years of contracting experience with strong expertise in performing what he calls, “Pure Motive Service.” Thus, anticipate hearing the thunderous ring of truth from Joe, who stands apart from traditional contracting training professionals as he helps contractors achieve revenues 3-5 times greater than the average person netflix für macbook herunterladen.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is the problem that inspired you to create Pure Motive service?
  • What is an example of a premium service def?
  • Why do some people feel bad about sales?
  • Have you noticed the tendency for service to be rushed?
  • Is recruiting tied into how your customers are being treated frei herunterladen musik?
  • What is something you would tell people about developing employees?
  • What do you think is going in business and people’s lack of drive harsefeld ls19 herunterladen?
  • What are thoughts on digital versus paper?
  • What would you want salespeople to think about for the next couple of years?

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3 Surefire Ways to Discourage Employees (And Sales)

BY: Julie Crisara

As the manager of employees in the contracting industry, you have a lot of control over your people uni würzburg endnote. And I don’t just mean technically, on paper, according to the company’s organizational chart, but rather in everyday ways, psychologically and behaviorally Download tax return free of charge. You can have a huge effect on your contracting sales people and field service reps just by the way that you act and the things that you say to them on a regular basis navigation karten download kostenlos. You can encourage them or discourage them. If you discourage them, expect a decrease in morale, revenues and company reputation gratis schnittmuster herunterladen. How would you go about discouraging your employees? Here are the 3 most effective ways.

Employees on the front lines (those in-the-trenches sales people and service reps in the field) need support and encouragement to stay motivated in their job how can I roblox. They have to create relationships, make happy customers and maintain a base of clients that stays for the long haul. So, if you fail to offer the support, understanding and resources they need in these few fundamental areas, you will guarantee a slow (or speedy) descent into a failing business download from dropbox.


Treat all your employees exactly the same, regardless of their age or generational cohort Download gta 4 for free for pc. Disregard the differences, among your staff, between the World War II “Greatest” generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials lernwerkstatt 7 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Treat them all generically. Do not interact and coach them based upon the fact that the WWII generation generally responds to authority, Boomers look for meaning in their work, Gen X is self-reliant and seeks life balance and Gen Y looks to be recognized for their exertion windows update einzeln herunterladen.

Throw away the knowledge that everyone’s belief system is nearly solidified by the time they turn 14. Likewise, ignore the expert advice to look at the major events that occurred during the formative years of each generation for guidance in empathizing with their fears, yearnings and aspirations itunes gekaufte titel herunterladen.


2.) Act in every situation as if money is the absolute motivation behind everything your employees think, do and feel. Assume that everyone is driven primarily by a lust for financial wealth at the expense of everything else. Approach your contracting sales people and field service reps based on the assumption that any other issue or problem they have can be solved by money. They are willing to suppress any negative feelings of their work, interactions or quality of life, if you just put more money in their bank accounts.

Disregard this simple fact: If you sit employees down and offer them 4 words- money, lifestyle, recognition and challenge- and ask them to rank the words in terms of personal importance, 90% will NOT put ‘money’ in the #1 slot.

So treat your employees as two-dimensional, money-hungry buzzards instead of as the complex, variously motivated human beings that they are.

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How to Use Texting to Grow Your Contracting Business

BY: Julie Crisara

In the contracting industry, you use the latest tools to make your efforts the most effective Download windows media player for windows 7 for free. It’s all about taking advantage of the best technology. Why should marketing your company be any different? The basic principles of marketing may remain constant but the platforms we use change over time, and sometimes rapidly kostenlos und ohne anmeldung musik downloaden. It wasn’t all that many years ago, that Internet advertising seemed like a wild new frontier. Many folks in our industry questioned this weird, far out “World wide web,” saying that they would stick with the old tried and true methods like newspaper advertising in the Yellow Pages garmin vivoactive 3 display herunterladen. Nowadays, what contractor working today doesn’t have a website, and how many established contracting businesses only spend their advertising budget online free malwarebytes anti malware?

We’re in the same kind of evolutionary period right now with another cutting-edge technology- texting. That’s right, the same text messaging you use to send notes to friends and family from your phone can be used to significantly improve your contracting business hofer bestellsoftware herunterladen!

The first thing you need to know about text messaging (technically known as SMS) communication is that you need to make sure that those receiving your messages have subscribed to your marketing list lizenzfreie grafiken kostenlosen. They need to have “opted in”. Don’t just blast text messages to any and everybody because besides being highly frowned upon, there are actually laws against this neue android software downloaden.

To start building your text message marketing list, include a brief opt-in code, or “Text ‘Start’ to this number” on all your existing marketing and customer communications- flyers, print ads, business cards, invoices, receipts, coupons, in-house signage, vehicle signage, website, emails, social media, etc.   Continue reading “How to Use Texting to Grow Your Contracting Business”

App will tie homeowner to service contractor

BY: Julie Crisara


A new software offering and app from Joe Crisara and the folks at comes with what will be an increasingly important feature in the near future — they give the homeowner at least the illusion of being in control of a service call and allow the homeowner to customize his service experience Download flash player for mac. Moreover, the app, which will be custom-branded to the name of the contractor, will tie the homeowner to the contractor for repeat business.

The package, called jobi (rhymes with Bobby) can run on a smart phone, tablet or desktop and is scalable from a one-man shop up to multi-million dollar contractor win 10 games for free.

By using the software contractors can:

  • Schedule service calls and dispatch opportunities.
  • Track technicians in the field and find the fastest route via GPS mapping download wordpress pdf.
  • Get their own branded homeowner app to stay connected with customers.
  • Create premium, mid-range and economy choices in one click, proven to boost sales anno 1800 online herunterladen.
  • View sales by technician, department or task on the real-time dashboard to set goals for growth.
  • Record audio during service calls for training purposes and to improve customer satisfaction deezer app.
  • Scan credit cards using the camera on their phones.
  • Capture signatures all in the app, no paperwork.
  • Import and export to QuickBooks to keep all transactions in sync ets2 mods downloaden.
  • Create on-the-fly digital invoices for individual products and services.
  • Customers can track service plans, warranties and service history right from their phones download flash animations.
  • Make remote presentations and share with all decisions makers.
  • Easily track purchasing trends on the real-time results dashboard.
  • See key performance indicators such as closing ratio, total calls, average invoice and billable hours Download clone cd.

Joe Crisara, the founder of and a former contractor himself, said that has 3,800 users and about 100 of them have beta tested jobi word document for free.

Continue reading “App will tie homeowner to service contractor”

Dead Man Walking: 5 Ways to Become an Ex-Employee

BY: Julie Crisara

Everybody has a dream, and some people’s dream is getting fired android gmail anhangen. Ya know- canned, pink-slipped, see ya later alligator! Okay, I don’t know positively for sure that being let go is their dream, but observing some sales managers in the home contracting industry, it sure seems like it download music audio. I mean, if these guys weren’t trying to get cut loose then they just coincidentally happened to be doing the very same things that’ll send you out the door and down to the Unemployment office faster than you can say “Invoice attached.”

I don’t want anyone to get fired, especially if they actually like and want to keep their job facebooken windows. I have a special soft spot for people in the contracting industry, because I’ve spent decades actually working in that field and also as a consultant helping other contractors improve their business, using the things I have learned and observed over the years herunterladen. But I realized that it’s so easy and so common for seemingly bright and well-intentioned contracting sales managers to make decisions that were really detrimental- and self-destructive- in the long run without even knowing it It turns out, a lot of this stuff is NOT just common sense!

Instead of telling you- a current or aspiring sales manager or other supervisory position in the home plumbing, HVAC or electrical contracting field- what to do to keep your job, I’m going to tell you what to do to get fired scratch desktop herunterladen. If you don’t want to get fired, just use reverse engineering. Continue reading “Dead Man Walking: 5 Ways to Become an Ex-Employee”

The Power of the Introvert – Go From Shy to Shine

BY: Julie Crisara

The word “shy” seems to be a rather easy, catch-all term, all too often applied in sweeping statements to justify or at least explain away various potentially problematic behaviors apple music herunterladen geht nicht. That child who freezes up and runs away when spoken to by a safe and friendly stranger? “Shy.” That friend you go to parties with who seemingly won’t initiate or act on any social situation, no matter how potentially beneficial download adobe reader for mac? “Shy.” That person you try to network with in a professional manner who leaves you hanging with awkward, icy near-silence? Also, just “shy.”

But what does the word even mean amazon film kaufen herunterladen? What is shyness? When does it come out in a person’s behavior? What causes it and what can be done to change it? If you think shyness is an issue in one’s regular private life, imagine how large an impact it can have in business, especially sales fotoprogramm picasa gratis downloaden.

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Jobi Field Service Software Connects Contractors With Homeowners

BY: Julie Crisara

If you’ve attended HVACR conferences for any length of time  — as well you should — at some point you’ve probably sat in on a presentation by Joe Crisara herunterladen.

Crisara — founder of and its many sales tools —was himself an HVAC contractor, until he transitioned into consulting and teaching stars to download.

Joe Crisara leads a training session route downloaden op tomtom.

Crisara learned much through his many trials as a contractor, and it was the lessons he learned as a business owner that helped he and his wife Julie transform their business to a successful enterprise lexmark s405 driver for free.

Since 2001, Joe and Julie Crisara have  helped thousands of contractors set expectations, behavior benchmarks and profit dashboards to implement and measure the effect of the Pure Motive Process they teach herunterladen. Using the process has helped scores of contractors build successful businesses using this value system.

Now, as co-founder of a new field service app called Jobi, Crisara is using technology to assist home service providers — including plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors — by giving them real-time analytics, instant dispatching and scheduling, packaging options, online payments, and their own branded company app and play steam.

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Run Your Service Business from Your Phone – Interview with Joe Crisara, CEO of Jobi

BY: Julie Crisara

This is my interview with Joe Crisara, CEO of jobi.  We’re discussing the company’s award-winning service contractor app and platform video by link.

Who are you and what does your company do?

Service Business Phone jobi Joe CrisaraMy name is Joe Crisara and I have over 35 years’ experience in the small service business and consulting industry microsoft word für mac kostenlos herunterladen. I started out as the owner of a contracting business, and have taken my firsthand experience into the consulting realm to train contractors in service-based industries fortnite herunterladen iphone 6. I spend a majority of my time educating business owners, managers, technicians and sales professionals across the country. It’s my goal to educate individuals in the “blue collar service business” on how to change their thinking and grow their sales amazon music albumen.

Our company is dedicated to helping service contractors in industries such as electrical, HVAC and plumbing trades reach their full potential through live training, online coaching and revolutionary software Download whatsapp for free without registration. Whether guiding contractors on a live coaching call, in-person workshop, interactive video or our new custom software –  we will transform your personal economy download smart pss. Continue reading “Run Your Service Business from Your Phone – Interview with Joe Crisara, CEO of Jobi”

The Uberization of the Service Industry

BY: Julie Crisara

Unless you’ve been living in a well-hidden cave for several years, you’re familiar with Uber herunterladen. Press a button on your smartphone and a driver immediately shows up in a nice clean car, taking you where you’re going for around 1/3 the price of a traditional taxi nitrado welten herunterladen. Sure, taxi drivers hate this phenomenon, but passengers love it and so do those who’ve been suddenly allowed to become professional drivers overnight using their own car panoramabilder herunterladen!

The taxi drivers were forced to deal with this new reality. Their options are either to A) Quickly develop innovations to make rides more affordable and accessible in this modern age or B) Quit the cab company and go work for Uber download tv series. A surprisingly large number have done the latter. This same shift is happening in the house cleaning, dog walking, product delivery and almost every other service industry you can think of… including the contracting industry amazon music unlimited alben herunterladen.

The days of customers sifting through directories and websites to find a plumber, electrician or HVAC technician are gone. Homeowners are sick of waiting on a contractor to show up and wish there was a better way to schedule time with a trusted professional download spotify on usb. They want more options – cleaner, slicker, smarter choices for getting maintenance issues taken care of. They want instant service – a way to get the right professional for the job in a matter of hours, not days gta 5 rennen herunterladen. They want transparency and automation – to know exactly who will be coming to their house and the process/ cost estimates for getting the job done gratis kalender 2020en.

This technology-based revolution is happening in the contracting industry as we speak. The only question is will you adapt and when kik messenger bilder herunterladen?

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5 Ways To Make Your Brand Pop

BY: Julie Crisara


I know some people get a little uncomfortable with the word ‘brand.’ It sounds to them like an advertising term, like it’s all about the slickness and the sizzle and not about the sincerity and the substance videos herunterladen whatsapp. But if you stop looking at ‘brand’ as superficial window dressing but instead see it as specifically defining your company’s mission and making a clear case to fulfill various promises, then you see that having a well-defined brand is not dodge at all, but rather an act of integrity Download libre for free.

I know that contractors are people of integrity and substance, who are proud of delivering tangible products and services that improve the spaces where people live and work Police simulator games for free download. I myself spent decades as a professional in that industry. I want contractors to embrace branding as a necessary part of having a respected and successful business, but also as a tool for defining and being held accountable to genuine, deliverable quality, not as a way of avoiding it bilder downloaden und speichern.

Whatever brand you may think you are generating and spreading out there, your brand is being created every time someone tells a friend or associate about your business warface download pc kostenlos. In this day and age that could take the form of a tweet, status update, YouTube video, blog post, text, email or website comment. The consumer has great power these days when it comes to defining your brand, far more than they used to icloud drive alles downloaden. Which is why it is important for you to get out ahead of the pack when it comes to defining your own brand before others start doing it for you. And that means coming up with a list of unique and powerful deliverables that you then back up with the quality of your products and services download jalopy for free german.

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Jobi Launches New Field Service Software Connecting Contractors with Home Owners

BY: Julie Crisara

A pioneering new field service app called jobi launches today to help service professionals such as electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors connect with home owners to increase sales and grow their business Download app iphone.

A pioneering new field service app called jobi ( launches today to change the way contractors connect with home owners filme downloaden netflix app.

Jobi provides home service providers such as residential plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors with real-time analytics, instant dispatch and scheduling, packaging options, online payments and their own branded company app amazon prime series mac. This revolutionary technology enables contractors to run their entire service business from their phone.

“Having the ability to not only manage your sales fleet, but also stay connected with your customers is proving to be a radical step in connecting service providers with consumers,” said Joe Crisara, CEO and co-founder of jobi kostenlose spiele herunterladen brawl stars. “We’ve seen this take flight in other spaces like the taxi industry, and know this is going to change the way service professionals gain new business in the future.”

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The Honor of Taking Responsibility for Your Results

BY: Julie Crisara

The Honor of Taking Responsibility for Your Results

The job of a top professional is doing what seems impossible, on a regular basis download nintendo 3ds games. While there might be a few truly unworkable situations, the vast majority of the time solutions to the most difficult, stress-inducing obstacles really do exist- and we see evidence of this all around us ps4 hintergrundbilder herunterladen.

When’s the last time you had occasion to hire, say, a great mechanic or a computer tech? You know, the type that remain cool under fire in the most seemingly “throw-up-your-hands” predicaments xbox one again. The kind that patiently, methodically pokes around under the hood of your broken down car or zips through the operating system and file registry of your crashed and buggy laptop Download libreoffice for mac for free. When either machine is finally, magically restored to its perfect working order your sense of relief and appreciation can hardly be described by words download samsung sms image.

The best performance-delivering professionals almost never make excuses, almost never give up and almost never put the problem on insurmountable external issues bei spotify songs herunterladen. It’s always on themselves. Although the problem may a challenging doozy, it’s always “What am I not thinking of?”, “What am I not seeing?” or “What angle or tool have I not yet employed?”

By the time we encounter any top professional, no matter the field, they have equipped themselves for the challenges to be faced and brought the precise tools for success ddr hymne downloaden. They have the discernment to know that perhaps not every single challenge can be won, but the vast majority of important ones can be, if one is prepared wie kann man bei steam spiele downloaden.

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7 High-Leverage Activities to Improve Results

BY: Julie Crisara

7 high leverage activities to improve results

Do you know what Leverage is adobe flash player sicher downloaden? Leverage is an incredibly important concept in physics and in everyday life.

When your car gets a flat tire, you lift up your car with a jack using leverage.The common emergency car jack is a brilliant example of the mechanics of leverage. Ever pull a nail out of the wall with the back of a hammer antivirus free download full version? That’s leverage. When’s the last time you used a simple pair of pliers? That’s leverage, too.

Leverage is all about doing relatively little and getting back a lot teasi one karten herunterladen. It’s a mechanism that magnifies our actions, giving results that are often multiplied as compared to our efforts. Leverage is the wise use of energy download adobe reader 11 german for free. It’s working smart instead of over-working. But it’s all about the specificity of your actions (and thoughts) and where they’re directed video von beliebiger seite downloaden.

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